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My 5 Travel Essentials !

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Today on the blog I’m sharing my 5 travel essentials you need to bring on your next trip!

The first time I ever travelled abroad was a trip to England, France and Italy in high school.  After travelling, I had an entirely different perspective on life.  I haven’t stopped exploring the world since!

Chris and I are travelling to Paris and Rome in September so it got me thinking about the 5 things I need the most when I travel.  I thought I would share these 5 essentials in hopes that they make your future travel experience’s a little easier:

1. Tote Bag

A tote is the perfect bag to have on any trip!  These bags can hold so many items.  They’re the perfect carry on and day to day bag to use on any kind of trip.

Above I’m sharing two of my all time favourite totes.  On the luxury end, I’m sharing my Louis Vuttion NeverFull MM Bag.  This is such a timeless, gorgeous bag.  Since it’s made out of canvas its so durable, which makes it the perfect staple in anyones closet!

On the more affordable side, I’m sharing my Micheal Kors tote.  This bag has lasted me years and has travelled all the way to Australia and back.  It’s stayed in tact after some heavy duty wear and tear!

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2. Travel Pillow

This is my all time favourite travel pillow!  I know it looks a little weird, but when I travelled to Australia I slept on the plane for 10 hours straight using it.  I have never been able to find a comfier pillow than this.  I have even lent it to all of my friends to use, its the best!

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3. Travel Mug

I tend to get sick on a lot of my trips (it’s a curse!) so I always have a travel mug on hand to ensure that I always have a hot or cold drink when needed.  My favourite travel bottle is the ASOBU LE BATON Travel Bottle – it keeps all of my beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 8 hours!

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4. Lip Balm

I can’t live without Lip Balm when I travel.  I find my skin and lips get so dry when I travel overseas due to all of the recycled air on the plane.  Rosebud salve is definitely one of my favourite balms to use, its so compact so it can easily fit into a purse.


5. A Great Book!

I can’t travel without a good book on hand!  I love spending time reading on the plane or in bed after a long day of exploring.

The most recent book I read is “LOL” by Christy Dreiling.  I had the pleasure of meeting Christy a couple of weeks ago at my best friend’s wedding.  She is one of the most vibrant, kind, compassionate, women I’ve had the honour of meeting.  While chatting with her, she told about a book she had written which details her journey from childhood poverty to overcoming adversities and building a multi-million dollar business.  Of course, once hearing about this book I had to read it.

LOL had me laughing, crying and smiling throughout the entire 264 pages.  Throughout the book she shows you a raw, personal depiction of her life. She takes you through hardships, triumphs and ultimate success’s all the while sharing lessons she’s learned along the way.  I throughly enjoyed reading LOL and would highly recommend it to anyone.  I honestly think everyone can find ways to relate to her story and can learn to live out loud (LOL)!

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