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Cozy Home Picks!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today I’m sharing my current cozy home favourites!  I’m a total homebody and with winter still going strong in Canada, I thought I would throw together some of my favourites!

Candles: I’m a sucker for candles! I can never get enough.  My mom and I recently went to Chapters and found this White Citrus Sake candle.  Guys – it’s amazing.  It’s the perfect candle to get you into spring.  It’s light, fresh and has a hint of citrus!

Socks!: If you know me well, you’ll know I’m never wearing matching socks and I always lose them!  Chapters is having a deal right now, if you spend more than $30 you get this sock package for $20!  Since their normally priced at $50 it’s an awesome deal and they’re SO cozy!

Shawls: I love shawls, I wear them no matter what season it is!  They’re the perfect thing to have around the house.  This teal shawl is awesome for the remaining colder days and it’s a great colour for spring!

Tea: I love my peppermint and Earl grey tea, they’re my favourite!  Chapters has SO MANY fun mugs right now! I’ve tagged my faves below!

Diffuser: Okay I’ve been meaning to get an air diffuser for the longest time.  They’re honestly the best.  Whenever I go into a room that has a diffuser my sinuses immediately clear out like magic!  They’re a must have!

Click for Favourites: