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How I Get USA Products Shipped To Canada!

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I will make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. These are products I’ve personally used and stand behind, learn more.

Hey guys!  Today I’m going into detail about how I get USA products shipped to Canada.  If you’re reading this, you probably know first hand how hard it can be to get some brands to ship to Canada.  Some flat-out refuse like Walmart USA and some charge insane shipping fees like Amazon USA.  Recently I did a Walmart USA try on haul, and wanted to share how I easily got this clothing using MyUS.

What is MyUS

MyUS is an international shipping service that provides shoppers in 220+ countries with the ability to shop US stores online, and ship it to their international doorstep!  When you sign up, MyUS gives you your own person US address.  When shopping on a US website, enter your MyUS address at checkout so that your package is delivered to the MyUS warehouse.  MyUS will then package it up and send it to your real international home address.


Free Premium Membership for 1 Year 

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When I was personally looking for a service like this, I reached out to MyUS to see if they could offer any sort of promotion for you guys!  Good news is they agreed to give you guys 1 Year free Premium Membership that includes:

Duty Fees

Duty fees are unfortunately unavoidable as any sort of imported good may be subject to duties.  Trust me when I say it’s impossible to get around these fees since it’s the law.  If you’d like to estimate what your duties will be on a specific package see the government of Canada’s duty calculator here.

MyUS tried to make the duty process easier by giving you the option to have your duties/taxes estimated and added to your total when you submit your ship request with them. This way you’re not having to pay again when your package arrives in Canada!


Shipping Fees

MyUS gives you a couple of different shipping options using Fedex and UPS.  They have great rates.  My most recent package arrived in 2 days, which was incredibly fast! The shipping rates were reasonably based on past experience shipping from the US to Canada.

Click here for free premium membership for 1 year

My Personal Experience With MyUS

I got all of the items for my Walmart USA Haul through MyUS.  Honestly, I’m so impressed with how seamless this process was.  At the Walmart checkout I sent the order to my MyUS address.  Once all packages were delivered, I got MyUS to consolidate all the items into one package and got it shipped to my home in Canada through Fedex.  It arrived 2 Days later.  All duties and shipping fees were charged to me when I checked out on the MyUS website so there were no surprises when it arrived.


Popular Brands You Can Ship From

Walmart USA

Amazon USA



Red Dress Boutique

Pink Lily Boutique

& More!


That’s how I get all my USA products shipped to Canada!  I highly recommend you trying out this service it’s so easy to use and is such a seamless process!

Click here for free premium membership for 1 year


Walmart USA Haul 

Check out my Walmart USA haul here.  Also see my YouTube video here: