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How to Wear Pastels In 2021 | Prada & Pearls

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Today on Prada & Pearls were exploring how to wear pastels in 2021. Even those who prefer wearing strictly monochromatic greys, blacks, and navy shades may want to throw in some color now and then.

However, it can be quite intimidating to add brighter hues to a neutral outfit. This is why pastel’s soft colors are currently on-trend. And while there was a resurgence of these colors from designers such as Chloe and Chanel on the spring runways, it looks like pastels are here to stay for the rest of the year.

Whether you’re a fashion director or a dedicated follower of fashion, soft, pastel hues are all the rage at the moment. So, here’s how to rock them for the rest of the year.


How to wear pastels in 2021

Nail Color

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One of the best ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe is to start small. You can buy pastel-colored accessories such as rings and bags to go with more neutral-colored outfits. You can also try wearing pastel nail polish to help your hands look fresher and more put-together.

To choose the right hue for your nails, hold the bottle between your hands and see if the color washes your skin out. Generally, cool-toned and paler individuals will find that apricots and pinks brighten their complexion, while darker skin tones can pull off nearly any pastel color in the spectrum.

You can experiment with nail polish lines like Essie and Barry M to find soft shades that will work best for you.


Pair with Whites

how to wear pastels

White acts as a great backdrop for almost any color, and pastels are no exception. If you’re confused about mixing and matching pastel clothes, then try pairing them with other white-colored items already in your closet.

For instance, pastel blazers and jackets look great on top of white blouses and shirts. However, you may want to go for something more subtle.

Shoes are also a great way to add a small pop of color to your look, and pastel sneakers look especially flattering. The Adidas Forum Low “Paris” in soft pink and white has pastel accents that are easy to incorporate into laid-back or smart-casual looks that you’re comfortable with.

Pair them with a white tee and straight-fit jeans, and you can rock that pop of color without worrying about it overpowering your outfit. Try switching up your white shirt with a pastel pink that matches your sneakers’ accents to elevate your look. You’ll be adding more color to your closet in no time!


Soft Makeup

how to wear pastels

This may be a little bit challenging for those who truly love their neutrals, but makeup is an excellent way to try the pastel trend in 2021. Reminiscent of the 1960s, soft pink blushes and powdery blue eyeshadows are en vogue this year. The key is not to try too many of the same makeup trends all at once.

Choose a facial feature to highlight and apply your pastel color there. Try a pastel pink blush to softly add a flush to your cheeks, or use a light pink lip color with purple undertones to soften your face. For anyone a little more on the experimental side, they try lavenders, periwinkles, and even muted oranges for eyeshadows.


Classic Denim


One of the most effective ways to incorporate a pastel piece is by pairing it with some good old denim. Almost everything looks good with denim because the neutral blue tones down the color next to it.

Any shade and type of denim are versatile enough to partner with pastel-colored pieces. Pastel blouses or shirts work well with dark washes, but brighter blues can also help the colors pop. We know pairing pastels with white works, so you can also pull off white denim jeans and pastel tops.


We hope you’ve gotten some ideas on how to wear pastels in 2021.  Pastels are just one way to add color into your wardrobe this season, and an invariably cute one. But you can get creative and go even further with colors. Check out our fall look archives for more ‘fit inspirations.