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Mens Gift Guide for 2020

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I will make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. These are products I’ve personally used and stand behind, learn more.

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Mens Gift Guide for 2020

The Holidays are almost here which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the special people in your life!  Today on the blog I’m doing a huge mens gift guide for 2020!  When thinking about what gifts to include, I actually consulted my boyfriend Chris and my Dad, who both had some unique ideas to give.  This post is my general mens guide, if you’d let to get more specific, scroll down to the bottom to see more guides made for specific ages, prices and interests!

1. Manscaped

mascaped, manscaped promo code

First up we have Manscaped!  A company that has created a line of grooming products specifically designed to remove body hair, particularly in the downstairs region. Like me, you’re probably asking yourself, “do men really want this?” and the answer is YES!  Chris (my boyfriend) was actually the one who recommended Manscaped, so I had to include it!  He’s wanted to order from Manscaped for months, so I finally got him the Perfect Package 3.0 for Christmas this year (early present!)

Manscape’s number one selling product are their hair trimmers, however they also have an assortment of other amazing products and gift sets that are perfect for the Holidays!  I reached out to Manscaped and they gave me a code to share with you guys:

Go to and get 20% off + free shipping

2. PS5

The PS5 was just launched a couple days ago and if you have a gamer in your life this will defiantly be at the top of their list!  The PS5 has already pretty much sold out everywhere.

Walmart USA has announced that they will be restocking the PS5 on Wednesday November 25th at 4pm PT or 7pm EST right in time for Black Friday so make sure you’re ready.  NOTE these will likely sell out in seconds so If you really want one make sure you have strong internet connection!

Walmart USA Link for PS5

Walmart Canada has not officially announced when they will restock however they have indicated that restocks will happen over the next two weeks.  My guess is they will restock right before Black Friday so continue to check back.

Walmart Canada Links for PS5


3. Drone

I had to include a drone in my mens gift guide for 2020.  Drones have been all the rage lately and for good reason, they’re really fun to fly and can take some really amazing arial shots!  The drown shown above is under $70 in the USA (under $100 in Canada) and has over 11,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 rating!  It’s a great affordable starter option.  This model is available on both Amazon US and Canada so I’ve linked both below:

Drone Amazon USA Link

Drone Amazon Canada Link


4.Nespresso machine

Nespresso machine, mens gift guide

Chris and I have 2 Nespresso machines and absolutely love them.  Chris was the one who got me on to Nespresso and I’m so glad he did.  The coffee is so superior!  Once you start drinking Nespresso it’s hard to go back to drip, you really notice the difference!  I linked two types of machines:

  1. The Original – the original machine is essentially the original design.  It takes smaller pods and specializes in espresso.  We have two original machines at our home.  Original machines can also pour long coffees, you just have to program the machine, it’s super easy to do.  Also the original machines have more third party pod buying options like Starbucks for example.

All Machines linked are on SALE for Black Friday!

2. The VertuoLine – Nespresso started making a new line of machines a little while back called the Vertuo line which has gained a lot of popularity!  These machines have the wider pods and also have more of a crema taste than authentic espresso.  These are great machines as they also have a regular coffee brewing setting.


5. Spikeball

spike ball, mens gift guide

If you haven’t heard of spike ball it’s an awesome gift for someone who’s active.  All of my guy friends play it including my boyfriend Chris.  Whenever we go to the beach or a park with friends we always bring it and have a blast!  It’s easy to learn and can be played with 2+ people.  Spikeball works for so many ages from kids all the way up to adults.

Amazon US Spikeball Link

Amazon Canada Spikeball Link


6. Back Massager

Okay I’ve seen this back massager EVERYWHERE, so many people seem to have it.  It has 22,000 reviews on amazon with a 4.5 star rating so you know it’s good.  Also, recently one of Chris’s purchased it and has been raving about how good it is so I had to include it!  I love this massager because you can wear it anywhere from an office chair to a couch.  It’s also compact enough that you can travel with it if you’re going on a long car trip for example!  At under $100 its the perfect gift for someone who needs to relax.

Back Massager USA Link

Back Massager Canada Link


7. Airpod Pros

Airpods are a great gift for any age!  Chris and I both have AirPods and love them.  The new apple AirPods pros are designed with noise cancelling headphones which is awesome!  One of the worst things about headphones is the cords and these solve that problem!  I’ve linked some retailers below that carry them.  They will 100% go on sale during Black Friday!

AirPods Canada Link

Airpods USA Link

8. Poker Set

If the men in your life play poker then a poker set is a great gift!  Chris and his friends play poker all the time and will only go to someones house if they have a poker set.  It’s also fun to have a poker set around especially if you have kids, I used to play with my parents set all the time (we didn’t play poker but we had about a million other uses for it).  Below I’ve linked a super affordable, highly rated set from Amazon


Poker set Amazon Canada Link

Poker set Amazon USA Link


9. 3 in 1 charging station

This charging station is the best invention ever!  It charges your phone, AirPods and Apple Watch/fitbit all at once!  We have one in our home and absolutely love it.  It’s so handy to have on your nightside table if you want to charge all your devices overnight.  This one is highly rated on Amazon and is super affordable!

Charging Station USA Link

Charging Station Canada Link


10. Bowflex Adjustable weights

mens gift guide for 2020

Okay these are the GOAT of weights which explains the price tag (they’re an investment, the price is not lost on me).  Basically you can change your resistance from 5 lbs all the way up to 52.5 lbs of weight.  Which essentially gets you an entire weight set in one dumb bell.  These dumbbells have been incredible popular during quarantine with gyms being closed.  They’re are also super compact and easy to store!  This would be an amazing investment gift if the man in your life likes to work out and would use these consistently, also you would get use out of them as well!

Bowflex Adjustable Weights Canada Link

Bowflex Adjustable Weights USA Link


11.  Wine Decanter

mens gift guide for 2020

If the men in your life like drinking wine, I would recommend a wine decanter.  Chris and I have one and it honestly makes a difference in the taste of your wine!  It’s also an affordable gift option!  A decanter essentially adds more air to your wine which brings out more flavour.  Every time we open a bottle in our home we run it through a decanter.

Wine Decanter USA Link

Wine Decanter Canada Link


12. Wireless Meat thermometer

mens gift guide for 2020

Had to include this gift in my mens gift guide for 2020!  It’s for the men who like to BBQ!  Chris has been itching to get his hands on one this year.  This product is great if you want to slow cook meat on your bbq and don’t want to have to check on it every hour.  The thermometer is stuck into the meat and will report the internal temperature on your phone.  That way you don’t have to keep checking your meat!

Wireless Thermometer USA Link

Wireless Thermometer Canada Link 


13. Foam Car Washer

mens gift guide for 2020

Alright next up we have a gift my DAD RECOMMENDED!  Yes that’s right I got my Dad in on this gift guide!  This is perfect for someone who has a lot of pride in their car and likes/wants to wash theirs at home!  Most of these car foam washer tools require you to hook up it up to a power washer, your  but this one does not, all you need to do is attach it to your garden hose!  This product lets you cover your car in suds to help you get off all the dirt and grime!

Foam Car Washer Amazon Canada Link 

Foam Car Washer Amazon USA Link  


14. North Face Vest

mens gift guide

I like to include one clothing item in my gift hauls and this year I went with a Northface vest.  I think most men could use a warm vest because they’re more versatile than coats.  Vest can be worn  during the spring, fall and when you just want an extra layer.  NorthFace makes great quality outerwear and this one is a great style!


15. Blue Sound node 2i

Okay before I go into the Blue Sound node 2i, if the man in your life is in need of a new speaker or wants a smart speaker then let me cover my top picks on those first.  Here are the at home/portable speakers I recommend:

Alright now I want to chat about the Blue Sound node 2i, this product is a wireless music streamer that connects to any existing stereo system you have in your home.  It allows you to access audio streaming. Essentially it will connect your devices to online streaming services, Internet radio and your own digital music library. It will also bring high-res audio to your existing systems.  This gift would be for someone that cares about home audio and really likes good quality music and sound.

Blue Sound Node 2i Canada Link

Blue Sound Node 2i USA Link


I hope you enjoyed this mens gift guide for 2020 I tried to include some unique gifts that men truly want!  Bookmark this page to keep checking back, as I’ll be linking more gift guides in the days to come.

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