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How to style: Athleisure Wear!

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I cannot believe it’s already Wednesday, I’m so time lost due to the long weekend!  Anyone else like that!?

Today I’m talking all about how to style active wear as casual wear.  This has been a HUGE trend recently.  More and more people are wearing active wear outside of the gym.  Specifically this type of styling is called “athleisure wear”.  I personally love this trend because active wear is so comfortable!  Here are some styling tips!

  1. Have a neutral base with some pops of colour!

I have have a neon orange sports bra and leggings I sometimes rock to the gym.  However, for everyday wear I find that to be a little aggressive!  Instead I stick to more neutrals and add one pop of colour.  In the look I’m modelling above that pop of colour comes from my shoes!

2. Mix and Match!  

You don’t need to be super matchy when wearing Athleisure wear.  I like to mix and match different styles and different brands together!  Especially if your sticking to a more neutral palette it makes it easier to pair different things together!

    3. Clean your running shoes regularly!

Okay this is just an all around good tip for the gym and for personal wear!  The easiest way I find to clean my running shoes is to take some soap or shoe cleaner on a tooth brush and brush the base off.  Once the base is as clean as you can get it, put the shoes in a pillow case and but them in the washing machine.

   4.  Match your Athleisure style to your regular style  

If you want to be comfortable in Athleisure wear, go for items that are similar to your normal style.  Athletic wear comes in SO many styles and colours!  If your comfortable wearing colour then bring it into your Athleisure style!  If you’re more comfortable in neutrals then go for a more neutral palette.

   5.  Add some accessories 

The easiest way to top off Athleisure wear is with accessories!  I paired my look with a round rattan bag and some sunglasses!  It’s the best way to make your look more casual!

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