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Terre Bleu Lavender Farm!

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Hey Everyone!

Today on the blog I’m sharing my experience at Terre Bleu Lavender Farm which situated between Guelph and Milton, Ontario!  As a child growing up so close to Prince Edward County, I knew these farms existed, however I never ventured out to one.  When a friend told me about Terre Bleu I wanted to give it a try!

Terre Bleu started growing lavender plants in 2012 and has since created a beautiful establishment with various activities and treats to try!  The Saturday myself, my boyfriend and a friend attended, the farm was putting on a lavender festival and unforutently reached capacity very quickly.  As a result we were unable to get in.  We were however able to attend the following afternoon.

Upon arrival, the staff were very helpful and always had smiles on their faces!  The farm itself has two lavender fields that are open to the public and a gift shop were you can buy lavender goodies!

The lavender itself is absolutely gorgeous!

One of the things that surprised me the most, were the amount of bees that were attracted to the lavender.  There must have been at least 5-10 bees on every single lavender plant we passed!  There are so many bees that as you’re walking down the rows of lavender you can hear this soft humming coming from the plants!

My favourite treat at the farm was the lavender ice cream!  We went on a hot day and this was the perfect way to cool off.

Before we left the farm, we took a walk through their yellow door and cut some lavender to take home with us!


Click to check out more details on the Terre Bleu website!  I highly recommend making a trip out to this farm, it was a fun experience!