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The Best Bridal Accessories With YOOX

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Wedding season is here and if you’re a bride (like myself) it’s time to start thinking about all the wedding accessories you can wear on your big day!  That’s why today we’re rounding up our favorite bridal accessories with YOOX so you can walk down the aisle in style!

What is YOOX?

YOOX is an online luxury fashion retailer that was founded in Italy in 2000. It is known for its wide selection of high-end clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products from renowned fashion brands and designers. YOOX operates as a standalone e-commerce platform that ships worldwide.

YOOX offers a curated collection of products from over 5000 brands, including Burberry, Prada, Miu Miu, Chloé, and many others. It provides customers with access to a diverse range of fashion items, including clothing for men, women, and children, as well as shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories.

In recent years, YOOX has expanded its services and collaborations. It has launched exclusive capsule collections and collaborations with prominent fashion houses and designers, offering customers unique and limited-edition pieces. 

Overall, YOOX has established itself as a leading online destination for luxury fashion, combining a vast selection of designer products with a focus on innovation, and a seamless shopping experience.

Wedding Season’s Here!

Today we’re focusing on fun bridal accessories and shoes for your wedding day and bridal activities!  With wedding season here, it’s the perfect time to find some unique pieces to make your wedding extra special.

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The Best Bridal Accessories with YOOX!

To kick off the best bridal accessories with YOOX we had to share these Stuart Weitzman rhinestone heels!  They are so simple yet elegant which is exactly what I was personally looking for, for my wedding!  I got a size 7 and they’re true to size.  These heels were originally listed for $595 but they’re 71% off now, making them only $170!

I wanted to share a close-up of the rhinestone details of these shoes.  The jewels go around the ankle and up the back which adds just enough sparkle.  If you’re looking for the perfect bridal shoe whether it’s for your actual wedding or a different event, I highly recommend these ones!

While we’re on shoes, we’ve rounded up more of our favorites!  If you’re someone who needs flats we’ve linked a really cute pair below!  If you’re looking for more of a classic pump, check out the white Manolo Blahniks.  YOOX has a wide range of shoes that will work for all your wedding-related activities!

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal shoes, bridal footwear

1) Stuart Weitzman Silver Pearl Sandals

How adorable are these cute pearl details!  If you want a little bit of uniqueness, this silver sandal is perfect. 


2) Steve Madden Rhinestone Slides

Every bride needs a pair of cute slides!  These could work for any bridal event or could even be changed into for the dancing portion of your wedding.


3) Michael Kors Silver Flats 

Having a cute pair of flats on hand is always a good idea!  These silver sparkle ones provide a ton of support and are still super stylish. 



4) Manolo Blahnik White Pumps

These Manolo Blahnik pumps are such a classic wedding shoe, and they’re currently on sale!



5) Stuart Weitzman Rhinestone Bow Sandals

These sandals are so fun!  They have a holographic shine to them that would go with so many different looks!  Also, the bow detail adds so much sparkle. 


YOOX Bridal Handbags

Every bride needs a place to store all her important items on her big day!  That’s why we wanted to round up our favorite bridal purses from YOOX. These can also be used during all your bridal events like the Bachelorette and your Bridal Shower. 

Bridal Purses 

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal handbags, bridal accessories

Links to all the purses

1) Valentino Garavani White Clutch  

This white Valentino clutch is so elegant!  It can easily be used after all your wedding activities as well. 

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal handbags, bridal accessories


2) Cult Gaia Fan Clutch

This Cult Gaia fan clutch is so unique!  It can easily be dressed down and used as a casual bag after your big event.


3) Jil Sander Pearl Bag

This pearl bag is so stunning!  If you want an elevated, unique bag for your wedding this is the one.

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal handbags, bridal accessories


4) 8 by YOOX Beaded Bag

I’ve personally been eyeing this beaded bag for a long time!  This style is so popular right now and it’s such a pretty and elegant option for your wedding purse. 


5) Jimmy Choo Sparkle Clutch

For a more formal option, check out this Jimmy Choo sparkle clutch.  It has a hard shell so it’ll protect all your items throughout the night. 

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal handbags, bridal accessories


6) The Goal Digger Bag by Dua 

This is the “it” bag right now and it’s super affordable!  Not only would this look super cute for wedding-related activities, but it can also easily be used as an everyday evening bag.



Yoox Bridal Jewellery 

We had to include Jewellery in this post since it’s one of the most fun things to shop for when getting ready for your wedding!  Below we have rounded up some affordable and splurge options that would look beautiful for your wedding-related activities. 

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal jewellery, bridal accessories

1) Kurshuni Glint Drop Earrings

Love a good pair of drop earrings.  They always look so elegant without drawing too much attention.

2) Alexander McQueen Bracelet 

When shopping for wedding day accessories sometimes muted is the way to go.  This Alexander Mcqueen bangle is so simple but elegant!

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal jewellery, bridal accessories, bridal bracelet


3) First People First Flora Ring

This floral ring is such a statement piece!


4) CA & LOU Victoria Drop Earrings

These drop earrings are the perfect way to add some sparkle to your look!

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal jewellery, bridal accessories, bridal earrings










5) Shashi Marquise Ear Jacket


Yoox Bridal Hair Accessories 

Hair accessories are a fun way to add something unique to a bridal outfit!  We’ve rounded up everything from cute hair pins to headbands so you can really stand out during your bridal events!

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal hair accessories, bridal accessories

1) Dettalgi Star Pins

These pins would be super cute for a bachelorette party!  When I was on mine, I was always looking for cute ways to add a little extra sparkle to my outfit. 

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal hair accessories, bridal accessories


2) 8 by Yoox Faux Pearl Headband

This pearl headband is so pretty and delicate.  There are so many fun ways to incorporate a headband into your hair. 

Bridal Accessories With YOOX, bridal hair accessories, bridal accessories, bridal headband


3) Dettagli Pearl Clip

A great way to add a little bit of extra sparkle is with a cute pin!


4) Jennifer Behr Pearl Hair Clip

These pearl clips are so popular right now!  It’s a cute and casual way to make your hairstyle more elevated. 


5) Transparent Large Hair Clips

Every bride needs some cute hair clips for more casual times and for getting ready!  This transparent set is so pretty. 

We hope you loved all of these stunning bridal accessories with YOOX!  There are so many pieces that would be perfect for your big day and all your fun bridal activities!

As always, feel free to pin any of these images to Pinterest to share with friends, and bookmark this page to save it for later!

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