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The Best Crazy Contact Lenses For Halloween!

One of the best parts of Halloween is dressing up in a fun costume. If you’re heading to a Halloween party on October 31, or if you’re planning on going to a bar, a great costume is a must! With that said, one of the easiest ways to level up your look is with crazy contact lenses for Halloween!

Halloween contact lenses come in a lot of different varieties. It’s important to understand what you’re purchasing so you can wear them comfortably all night long.  Getting unsafe lenses can lead to serious injury of your eyes, so do you research before purchasing! 

How do coloured contacts work?

Coloured contacts cover up your natural eye colour by hiding your iris. They do not cover your pupil (black centre) so your vision remains intact. 

General Safety 

When looking to purchase coloured contact lenses you should make sure the brand is FDA approved (the FDA is the leader in the approval of medical devices in the US) or ensure they follow health standards if coming from Europe or abroad. This ensures the contacts are good quality and safe to wear. 

Additionally, it’s always a great idea to visit an eye care professional or eye doctor before purchasing, this helps ensure the contact lenses fit correctly to reduce irritation. 

To read more regarding health and safety, click here to review the directives provided by the FDA. Coloured contact lenses that are not high quality can cause severe eye infections and in some cases vision loss. 

The Best Crazy Contact Lenses For Halloween!

We wanted to round up the best-coloured eye contacts to wear on Halloween to make it that much easier for you to complete your costume this year! All of these brands are from reputable sources, making their contact lenses safe to use for Halloween, cosplay and even sfx! 

1) Crazy Lenses 

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Black Lenses from Crazy Lenses

Crazy Lenses offers a wide range of contact lenses from black (as pictured above) to red and even rainbow! They have the perfect Halloween contacts that will easily complete your Halloween costume! Crazy Lenses even offers some prescription coloured lenses on top of their regular non-prescription kinds! 

They offer shipping across the United States, UK, Canada and many more countries!  Within over 500 designs to choose from, they offer a wide range of colours for a great price.


2) Coloured Contacts 

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White Zombie Eyes by Coloured Contacts 

Coloured contacts offer a wide range of fun and spooky contact lenses including ones that glow in the dark! All of these lenses are CE marked and have a high water content that makes the lenses softer and more comfortable to wear.

They also offer various wear durations including 1 day (single use), 30 day and 60 day, giving you options!



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Red contact lenses from ICOICE

If you’re going for the perfect devil look, why not try out red contact lenses? ICOICE not only has red they also have natural eye colours if you decide you don’t want a wild and crazy design. This is perfect if you have a cosplay event coming up or if you want to go with a more natural look. 

FAQs with Coloured Contacts 

1) Will coloured contact lenses blur your vision?

No, good-quality coloured contact lenses will give you clear vision! To reduce irritation make sure you get the proper fit, your eye care professional can help with this. 

2) Do all coloured contacts have prescriptions?

Some do and some don’t. It depends on the company. Most coloured contacts are non-prescription. 

3) Do certain colours work better with certain eye colours?

Given that the colours in Halloween contacts are extremely bright, it doesn’t matter what your natural eye colour is.  These colours will all works whether you have brown eyes, blue or anything in between. 

We hope you loved all of these crazy contacts! If you’re planning on dressing up for Halloween this year, order them early, given some colors will sell out! Most of these companies deliver their lenses in 3 business days, making them incredibly easy to order from!

Remember it’s always best to consult an eye doctor before ordering so you can get the correct size and type based on your eyes. 

As always, feel free to bookmark this page to save it for later, if you’re not ready to order contacts right yet. 

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We are not medical professionals at Prada & Pearls and therefore seek a medical and or eye care professional’s advice before purchasing any sort of product mentioned in this article.