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A collection of articles related to blogging tips!  After creating two blogs I know first hand how hard blogging can be!  One of the most difficult aspects is all the social networks we have to keep up with.  It can get exhausting.  That’s whyI wanted to put together articles that can help you grow both your blog and your social channels.  Both are super important for your success.

Many of my articles also cover actual blogging tips.  Blogs are not dead!  This is a common misconception among a lot of bloggers.  I’ve personally doubled my traffic this year by focusing on SEO and making my blog a priority.  This in turn has significantly increased my affiliate income.  Blogs shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you haven’t started a blog, start here “How To Start A Blog In Less Than 20 Minutes” next take a read through my tips to see if you can implement any of them yourself.

I also have articles that focus on Pinterest and Instagram.  Social networks are a great tool to harness and even help bring people back to your blog.  See these popular articles:

Taylor Brown From The Styled Press: How To Grow An Instagram Story Following!

How To Grow Your Instagram – Free Email Course!

How I grew my Instagram to 10K in less than a year!

If there’s a specific topic you would like covered let me know!  Send me an email or a dm on Instagram!  I would love to hear what you would like to see!