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Taylor Brown From The Styled Press: How To Grow An Instagram Story Following!

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I’m super excited about today’s post because I’ve been given the opportunity to interview Taylor from The Styled Press on how to grow your Instagram Story following!

First of all, I absolutely love Taylor’s Instagram account and Blog!  She does an amazing job staying authentic and really bringing value to her followers.  She is also superwomen, she just had a baby boy (Keldon) and hasn’t slowed down in the slightest!  I absolutely love following along both her fashion and mom journey!

One thing that Taylor does really well, is she keeps her audience engaged through her Instagram stories!  We all know how difficult this can be, so I wanted to get her first-hand advice on this subject!

1. Why did you start The Styled Press and what’s it all about?

My blog is an everyday life and style blog with a focus on affordable and attainable fashion.  I started it in December 2015 when I was in a creative rut.  I was unhappy in my career during that time (I was a kindergarten teacher) and really needed an outlet to express my style, which I love to do! I’ve always been a fan of putting outfits together, testing out new products and sharing my recommendations with my friends and family, so this was the perfect fit.

Here we are, almost 3.5 years later, and it’s now my full-time gig! I couldn’t be happier in this career and am so fortunate to say I genuinely love what I do for a living and look forward to working every day. It isn’t easy and I put in way more hours than I did with my normal 40 hour work weeks, but it’s worth it to me!

2. How often do you post Instagram stories/ how often do you recommend?

Daily, and I recommend daily! You have to stay relevant to your followers, and they love to see your daily life too, not just your pretty Instagram pictures.

3. Do you use any apps to create your Instagram stories?

I use the Unfold app occasionally when I share sale alerts and new items I have my eye on.

4. What do you find people respond most to in your Instagram stories?

When I ask my followers questions and ask for their recommendations.  For example:

  • What outfit they like best
  • What content they would like to see

Also anything baby or mama related and random funny things (like memes)! 

5. How do you remain authentic in your Instagram stories?

Be yourself!  I’m not always fresh and put together on my stories, especially lately with a newborn (hair’s a mess, no makeup, no filter)! I’ve had such a positive response to that.  My followers connect with me further since I seem more realistic and not so perfect.  They love the realness and when they can relate to you!

6. Are any types of stories your “go to”?

Try on hauls, sale alerts, daily chats of what I’m up to that day, and now lots of Keldon, my son (and my dog, Bruce, who is also very popular with my followers haha!)

7. How long did it take to grow a solid Instagram story audience?

I started storying as soon as the app launched the feature and have kept up with it since. As long as you are being consistent with posting, being authentic and offering fun and enjoyable content, you will grow a solid Insta story audience.

8. Do you have any overall tips for someone trying to grow their stories?

Again just being consistent, being yourself, sharing daily life and mixing it up once and a while too!

I hope this has given you guys some inspiration!  Instagram stories are such a great tool to keep your audience engaged with your content.  I know a lot of people, including myself, really struggle with producing Instagram Stories!  Based on this interview, here are some takeaways to try!

  • Post to Instagram Stories every day
  • Be yourself, Instagram Stories don’t have to be perfect!
  • Bring in your daily life
  • Ask your followers questions, see what they like

xoxo Prada & Pearls