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Honest Peloton Review!  Firstly, this post is NOT sponsored.  I purchased my Peloton Bike with my own money and do not receive any compensation from Peloton.  These thoughts are genuinely my own.  I understand how expensive this bike is therefore I will be brutally honest in this post so you are completely informed if you’re thinking of buying this bike. 

For the past 6 months I have been sharing my Peloton Bike workouts on my Instagram stories, holding Peloton Bike giveaways and have been trying to get back into shape.  Naturally, you guys have been asking a ton of questions.  Most of them revolve around the same theme: “Is the bike worth the money”.

Today, I want to do a Peloton Bike review and answer all of your questions.  I know first hand how expensive this bike is, so I’m going to be completely honest in this review.  Chris and I saved up a long time to purchase it, so I completely understand why you would want to be informed before making any sort of purchase.


Peloton is a spin bike that connects you to live spin classes in the comfort of your home.  It’s essentially bringing the spin studio to you.

When you purchase a Peloton bike, it comes with a screen attached.  You have access to two types of classes:

1) Live Classes – these stream from Peloton’s studio in NYC

2) Saved classes (live classes from earlier in the day or week etc)

Classes are available 24/7 because there are a TON of live/saved classes to choose from.  Theres up to 14 live classes a day that all get saved after.

During the live classes, the instructors have a list of participants along with your screen name and regularly give shoutouts!  Especially, if it’s a milestone ride for you (like 100 rides).  I’ll be honest I’ve never done a live class so I’ve never had the opportunity to get shout out before.


Firstly, I hate working out.  There I said it, it’s out in the open.  I especially used to hate spin classes.  Let me break this down.  I get pretty bad anxiety going to the gym, especially workout classes.  I’ve never felt comfortable going to classes with others.  I know not everyone is like this, but for me it’s always been a challenge.  For one, I get extremely red in the face when I work out.  I have rocesea and when I do cardio, I sometimes turn purple…yes me it’s not cute.  People stare and even ask if I’m okay.  In return I get super self conscious.

Another reason I have never liked workout classes is I find nothing is properly explained.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find instructors go SO FAST through moves, steps or transitions that I get confused.  You also can never ask questions and are left just going along with it.  For me, instead of focusing on the workout, the entire time I’m thinking “Is this even right”, or “Am I going to pull a muscle” etc.


honest peloton review

Chris my boyfriend has wanted a Peloton for ages so when we finally got one in December he was super excited but I was nervous.  I know, I shouldn’t be because it’s in your own home and no one is looking at you but to me it was extremely intimating.  Maybe due to past feelings of workouts classes, I’m not sure.  I also had this preconceived notion that I suck at spinning.  If you think this to, know you’re not alone, and you’re probably way better than you think you are.

The first time I got on the bike I was terrified, mainly because I had no clue what I was in for.  I started with a beginners ride that was not live.

Tip #1: Start with a beginners class that’s not live

These are the two classes I started out with and would recommend to others:

honest peloton review

In my first ever ride, I didn’t really push myself, I just took it easy and tried to understand how the bike worked.  I also muted the leaderboard so I couldn’t see my ranking.  The next ride, I pushed myself a bit more.  I recommend doing 2-3 beginner classes before trying out a main class.

Tip #2: Do 2-3 Beginner classes before jumping into a main class 

One of the most shocking things for me, was that I really enjoyed the classes.  Hannah the instructor on my first two rides (see image above) was SO motivational and so inspirational that I felt empowered while spinning.  Also there’s great music that just pushes you to keep going which helps a TON.


After I got through my initial beginners courses I started to try out Interval classes and climb classes.  Going into these, I really didn’t think I would enjoy it, but I can honestly say I really like Peloton classes.  First of all, you choose the instructor and the type of music you want.  This is where trial and error comes into play.  I absolutely LOVE 90s music.  Give me some Brittany Spears and Backstreet boys and I’ll spin all day.  Chris on the other hand does not.  So next tip would be:

Tip #3: Figure out what type of music that motivates you 

Next you want to try out different instructors.  My all time favourite instructor is Cody Risby.  He is amazing, he encourages you to dance, sing and really honestly motivates you during your ride.  His classes are so fun and even if I’m completely out of breath I always find myself dancing half way through.  Chris on the other hand HATES his classes.

Tip #4: Find Instructors you like – this is trial and error

Story Time: Chris recommended me a class because he said it was the best class he’s ever done. I tried it out and absolutely hated it.  It was so hard to get through it and I couldn’t wait until it was over.  You need to find instructors that you connect too.  You won’t connect to them all. 

I have never had so much fun as I do during Peloton workouts.  Don’t get me wrong they are HARD.  Sometimes I want to give up but the instructors are so motivating and know when the workout is at its hardest and really push you to keep going.  In the past, I would count down the seconds until I could get off a machine at the gym, but with these spin classes the time honestly flys by.

Tip #5: If you’re just starting out, start with the shorter classes like the 20 minute rides and avoid the classes with arms

One last tip I can give to not get discouraged when you start, is start with shorter classes.  Also avoid the classes that have arms until you’ve mastered the spinning part.  The arm segments I still can’t do in full, they’re so hard and sometimes I get discouraged.  I recommend easing into it and get your confidence up then move on to harder classes etc.


1) What’s the cost of the bike?  Do you need to purchase the app as well?

The cheapest package is $2,245USD which DOES NOT include the app which has the classes on it.  You have to buy that separately which is $39USD/month.  There are other packages you can buy that includes shoes, headphones and weights etc.

Peloton offers a deal where you can pay off the bike with interest free monthly instalments.  As an accountant, I have to say this is the best option and this is what Chris and I have done.  It’s interest free so save your money, have it grow in your investments, and pay the bike off monthly.  You end up saving more money in the long run this way (if it wasn’t interest free this would be a whole other conversation).

2) Can you use the app and get the classes without the bike?

Yes – so the app and the bike are two separate things, even though the bike comes with a screen.  If you don’t have the app the screen is useless.  On the other hand, you don’t necessarily need the bike to access the classes.  One thing I will say is the bike is incredibly well made.  I also love how the metrics are very accurate.  Hooking the app up to a bike that doesn’t report on your speed or resistance won’t give you the same workout. I can promise you that.  I know some people who have done this and end up stopping their subscription because they don’t get enough out of it.

3) Do you use the Peloton shoes?

No!  My shoes are not Peloton but Chris’s are.  We got one free pair of shoes with the bike (based on the package we got) so Chris got those.  You do not need Peloton branded shoes but you do need to make sure they’re compatible with the Peloton Bike.  When shopping make sure you get a shoe with a 3 bolt cleat mount.  You MUST have cycling shoes to ride the Peloton as you need to clip into the bike.  Here’s the shoes that I got and I love them:

4) Are there other classes on the app other than spin classes?

YES!  There are so many other classes on the app like: yoga, abs workout, cardio, strength…and the list goes on.  It’s great value!

5) Is Peloton Bluetooth Compatible?

Yes it is!  You can get bluetooth enabled headphones and hook them up to the bike!  Highly recommend getting a set of headphones so you can workout at any time of the day and not worry about disturbing anyone!


Also if you’re looking to hook up a heart rate monitor, make sure its ANT+ enabled and then it will connect to the bike!

6) When are the classes?

The live classes are all day! They’re either on the hour or half past.  If you aren’t able to make a live class, take a saved class!  There’s so many to choose from!  You can also take other classes on the app if you want something other than spin.



1) Have you done spin classes in the past and how does using the peloton compare?

Yes!  I have done many different spin classes in the past from Soul Cycle to spin classes at Goodlife.  Personally, I did not enjoy them (see above for why).  I would say Peloton is similar to Soul Cycle because it’s very motivational and you bike to the beat.  However, most Soul Cycle studios don’t have personal screens that show you how fast you’re going and the resistance level you’re at.  This is the main thing that’s helped me the most.

I also like how the classes are in the privacy of your own home so if you want to yell, grimace, dance whatever you can, and you won’t get any weird looks!

2) Are the classes at all like Spinco or Soul Cycle where you bike to a beat?

Yes!  They are exactly like that, I find with Soul Cycle and Spinco sometimes there’s a lot of techno and EDM.  Whereas with Peloton, you can choose your music, so you could do like R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, 90s and even country!  The instructors always get you to ride with the beat, the classes are designed that way.

3) I heard there are only a few classes with Tapbacks – do you wish there were more?

Oh gosh no!  Not sure where that rumour started but I’ve never had an issue.  If anything, I’ve honestly had the opposite issue where there’s too many and I’m not sure what to pick.  To prove what I mean, Chris just logged in and had this notification:

honest peloton review, Emma lovewell honest peloton review, jess king

That’s only 2 instructors!  I believe there’s around 10 in total – so there’s a LOT of classes that are saved.

4) Who’s your fav instructor?

Cody Risby hands down.  So the Peloton instructors are all SO different!  You really need to try a bunch out to figure out what style you like best.  They also vary in difficulty, there are some instructors like: Robin Arzon & Alex Toussaint that are known for harder rides.  Each ride is ranked for difficulty so you can see it before you start.  I need to try out more instructors (there’s just so many) so working my way through!

5)  Have you used the running workouts?

I have not!  I don’t own the peloton treadmill or any treadmill for that matter so have not tried these out however I’ve heard good things!

6) How many ride options do they have?  

There are so many ride options.  In terms of workout types there’s;

  • Beginner
  • Low impact
  • Climb rides
  • power zone rides (for endurance)
  • Tabata Ride
  • Intervals & Arms
  • Freestyle (whatever the instructor wants)

You can also sort the classes by:

  • Music Genre
  • Artist – lets say I want a ride with Brittany Spears songs, I can search by her name and get rides with her songs in them
  • Live DJ

Scenic options – A lot of people don’t talk about this but Peloton also has scenic rides where they’ve essentially videoed beautiful trails around the world and you can ride along as if you’re on that trail.  It’s really cool if you want a relaxing ride since you can go at your own pace.

There’s honestly SO MANY CLASSES.  I can’t reiterate this enough.  Anyone who says there aren’t enough, needs to try out a new genre or instructor because there are way too many to choose from.

7) Do you have to start with the hardest level with everyone else or can you being with a beginner level?

No!  I recommend starting with 2-3 beginner classes like I did to get used to the bike, the instructors and the style.  Usually these are play back classes and not live so not as much pressure!  I also sometimes just swipe away the leader board in normal classes if I don’t want the pressure.  Sometimes it motivates me and sometimes it doesn’t but you have the options to mute it.

8) I’m planning to move in a few months.  Is it easy to de-assemble?

NO DO NOT DE-ASSEMBLE.  Okay so the bike is calibrated when it’s set up and can easily get messed up.  My recommendation is to move first and get the bike after.  You can always call customer care to get them to calibrate it again but it’s a pain.

9) Do you have to have a membership to ride?

Yes and no.  So you need a membership which is $39USD/ month to access the classes.  However you can ride your bike without a membership but it just becomes a GREAT spin bike and that’s it.

10) How long have you had it?  How long for results?

I’ve had it since December.  The results question is hard to answer, this really depends on you.  I say that because you are in control of how hard YOU push yourself.  I haven’t lost weight because I have no weight to lose, but I do have muscle developing and that happened after my 4-5 classes.  Also, I judge my progress based on my output.  After each class you can see your stats and my cardio and output gets better every single time.

I also try and beat my “best ride” whenever I do a class.  I wear a heart rate monitor so I can tell when I start getting into the fat burning zones.  Heart rate monitor’s are great to wear while working out, they connect directly to the bike if they’re ANT+ enabled.  I find this highly motivational!  I tend to push harder if I know I’m in a fat burning zone based on my heart rate and always get a better workout with one on.

11) Do you think its worth the price tag?  Last year I got an Elliptical and can’t get into it

Again, I absolutely hate working out and I enjoy going on my Peloton, which is still crazy to think about.  Of course I still have to push myself to go on, but it’s so much easier to convince myself!  Also once I’m on it, I’m not counting down the minutes until I’m off it.  I’m genuinely enjoying it.  I’ve honestly never felt that with a workout class before.  I see why people get super addicted because it really makes you feel good once you do a class.

Before Peloton, Elliptical’s we’re always my go to but I genuinely hate going on them.  It always felt like a chore whereas with this bike it feels more like a fun workout.

12) What is the biggest difference between Peloton and another bike (other than the app)?

I’m personally not able to give a competitive analysis however the two bikes most like the Peloton are the Nordic Track ($2000) and the Echelon X3 ($1000).  I would recommend looking into those two options before purchasing.  The other competitors that offer cheaper options typically lack in features – like a screen, live classes etc.

13) Are there any cons to the bike?

Yes.  There are cons, but not that many that I have encountered.  Here are some that we’ve had:

  1. Our screen had a glitch.  Every time the room got really hot the screen would glitch out.  We had to contact Peloton 4 times to finally get them to replace it (if you ever have issues keep calling back and eventually you’ll get someone that helps).  However it’s worth noting they did replace it free of charge.
  2. The classes stream using Wifi so if your wifi is bad or goes down in the middle of a workout you can experience glitches or slow connection.  This would happen with any streaming service though.

14) How do you choose which classes to take?  I have one to but so many options!

First, I filter by the instructors I like.  Then I personally like choosing classes based on music.  I also pay attention to the type of class.  If I’m tired I’m not going to do a Tabata!  I typically go for climb rides with 90s music!

15) Thoughts on buying the app and pairing it with a different bike

You can definitely do this however I think for me, the best part about Peloton is the huge screen and the metrics that connect with the bike during the workout.  The screen really makes you feel like you’re in the class and the metrics are so key to getting a good workout.  The instructors design the classes so you don’t burn out.  It’s important to have a bike that tells you your speed and resistance.  Other than that you can definitely use the app with another bike, however make sure you have accurate metrics and a large screen!

16) Is it worth it or should I get a cheaper option?

YES YES YES YES!  Okay guys as I said above, I was skeptical and scared of the Peloton bike LOL!  This sounds so cheesy but it’s changed the way I view working out which is huge for me.  I really like the fact that I don’t have to workout with other people but I can still get a great workout in.

If I want to break out in dance I CAN and no one will look at me weird.  Gosh I CRIED once during a class.  I had pushed through a really hard part in a ride and then CRIED because I was so proud of myself (I can’t believe I just admitted that).   Whenever I do a workout with the Peloton even if I’m tired and it’s not my best ride, I feel empowered.  Sometimes I just have a full on dance party (with my arms) on the bike and it’s so fun, while getting a killer workout in.

I get it, its super super expensive.  I personally think it’s worth the money.  Especially if you’re making your health (be it physical or mental) a priority and haven’t gotten into the groove with your Elliptical or your treadmill (I’ve been there).  It’s really like going to a spin studio in your own home.  Plus all the extra classes you can access with the app.  My next goal is to do Yoga once a week.  In the end it’s up to you if you want to make the investment but I really would say consider it if you’re looking to get into shape and are uninspired by the gym!

I hope you enjoyed this honest Peloton review!  Feel free to ask more questions on Instagram or in the comments below!

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