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SNS Nails Pros and Cons: Everything to Know

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SNS Nails Pros and Cons, sns nails, sns nails designs

SNS nails, also known as Signature Nail Systems, have become increasingly popular in recent years.  There are so many different types of nails techniques out there which is why it’s important to understand what’s best for you!  That’s why today we’re rounding up SNS Nails Pros and Cons so you know what you should get at your next nail appointment!

What are SNS nails?

SNS nails are a type of nail enhancement that involves a dipping system. The nail application process starts with a base coat being applied to the nails, then the nails are dipped into a colored powder made from a mixture of finely milled acrylic and/or other materials, and then sealed with a topcoat.  

The dipping process is repeated several times to achieve the desired thickness and color. The process is touted as being healthier for the nails and longer-lasting than traditional nail polish. However, as with any beauty trend, there are both pros and cons to consider.

Another name for SNS nails

Another name for SNS nails is a dip manicure.  Your nail technician may also use other brand names or terms to refer to this type of nail treatment. However, the general process and technique of using colored powder and a sealing top coat to create a long-lasting manicure is the same regardless of the name used.

What are SNS nails made of?

SNS nails, are made from a combination of finely milled acrylic powder, Benzoyl Peroxide and Titanium Dioxide. The colored powders used in the dipping process are made from a blend of acrylic powders and pigments, which can be customized to create a wide range of shades and effects.  

SNS nails do not contain harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP, which are commonly found in other types of nail enhancements such as gel and acrylic nails. Instead, SNS nails are fortified with vitamins and minerals that can help to strengthen and nourish the nails. Some of the nutrients that may be found in the powder used for SNS nails include calcium, vitamin E, vitamin b, and other minerals.

Overall, SNS nails are considered a healthier alternative to other types of nail enhancements, as they do not require the use of harsh chemicals and can help to improve the health and appearance of the nails.


SNS Nails Pros and Cons

The Pros of SNS nails

1) Durability 

One of the biggest advantages of SNS nails is their durability, they can last a long time. Unlike regular polish, which can chip and fade within a few days, SNS nails can last up to a month without needing a touch-up. This makes them a better option for people who lead busy lives and don’t have the time or the inclination to maintain their nails regularly.  SNS nails are also resistant to smudging and scratching, which means they’ll stay looking fresh and new for longer.


2) Nail Health

Another benefit of SNS nails is that they are said to be healthier for the nails than other nail treatments. The powder used in the process contains vitamins and minerals that can strengthen and nourish your natural nail.  This is especially beneficial for people who have weak or brittle nails, since it promotes healthy nail growth.

Additionally, SNS nails don’t require a UV lamp to cure, which means they don’t expose the skin to harmful rays that can cause damage and increase the risk of skin cancer.


4) Natural Look

Given that SNS dip powder will apply thin layers of polish to your nails it will give you a more natural look.  Whether you have short nails or longer nails, SNS will work on all sizes and shapes. 


5) Lots of Options

SNS nails are also available in a wide range of colors and finishes, which means there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

From classic neutrals to bold and bright shades, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to SNS nails. The finish can also be customized, with options ranging from matte to glossy to glittery, depending on the look you’re going for.


The Cons of SNS nails 

1) More costly 

There are some drawbacks to consider when it comes to an SNS manicure. For one, the process can be more expensive than traditional nail polish. While the cost can vary depending on where you go and what type of SNS nail you choose, it generally falls on the pricier side of nail treatments at the nail salon. This can be a deterrent for people who are looking for a more affordable option.


2) The Removal Process

Another potential downside is that the removal process can be more difficult and time-consuming than removing traditional nail polish.  That’s because the powder is adhered to the nails, making it stubborn to remove.  It typically requires soaking the nails in acetone for an extended period of time. This can be damaging to the nails and nail bed if done too frequently, which is something to keep in mind if you’re considering SNS nails as a long-term option.

Our favourite removal system:

Nail Clip System

Nail clips can greatly help in the removal process as it can keep your acetone soaked pads in place on your nails.  Additionally filing the polish down before applying the acetone can help break down the acrylic powder. 

SNS Nails Pros and Cons, sns nails, sns nails designs

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Acetone Remover 

Acetone is the only thing that can properly remove SNS nail polish.  This 100% pure acetone remover is great quality and can help remove your polish fast!  With over 44,000 positive reviews, this is the remover you want to use!

SNS Nails Pros and Cons, sns nails, sns nails designs

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3) Less versatile 

SNS nails can be less versatile than traditional nail polish. Once the powder is applied, it can be difficult to make changes or touch up the nails if necessary. This means you’ll have to live with the same color and finish for the duration of the treatment, which can be limiting if you like to switch up your look frequently.


4) Sanitation

There’s also the issue of sanitation to consider. Because SNS nails involve dipping the nails into a shared powder (if you’re at the salon), there is a risk of spreading germs and bacteria. While most salons take precautions to ensure the tools and powder are clean and hygienic, it’s still important to be mindful of this potential risk.

One thing to consider is purchasing your own powders and bringing them with you to the nail salon.  This way you can ensure that your powder is clean and sanitary every time. 


Do it yourself!

You can easily create SNS nails at home!  There are so many affordable kits that you can purchase to make it easier to do it yourself!  Here’s our favourite kits:

Bright Colors

SNS Nails Pros and Cons, sns nails, sns nails designs, sns nail kit

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This kit includes 32 different colors that can be done matte or in gloss.  This kit comes with a nail brush, nail file, polishing block, nail brush replacements and a dip recycling tray.



SNS Nails Pros and Cons, sns nails, sns nails designs, sns nail kit

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This kit includes 20 unique colors, a nail brush, a nail file, 2 powder liquid brush replacement, 1 cuticle pusher, a Dip Powder Recycling System and 1 nail polishing block. 


Should you get SNS nails?

In conclusion, while SNS nails offer many benefits, they also come with some drawbacks. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and consider your individual needs and preferences before deciding whether SNS nails are right for you.

If you’re someone who values durability and wants to maintain a long-lasting manicure that stays fresh, SNS nails could be a good option. They’re also a great option for people who have weak or brittle nails.   SNS helps strengthen them without using damaging products.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who likes to switch up your nail color frequently or is on a tight budget, SNS nails might not be the best fit.


Gel Nails vs SNS

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