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Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands!

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1 Too Cool for school: Art Class / 2 Missha Magic Cushion / 3 Peripera V shading / 4 CLIO Makeup Palette / 5 ETUDE Dear Darling Tint / ETUDE Glow On 

When I think of Korean beauty products, the first thing I think of is skincare.  Koreans are known for their award winning skincare products, however they also have many makeup brands that match in quality!  Many companies in North America get a lot of inspiration from Korean brands due to the effectiveness of their products.  Korean beauty uses a lot of natural ingredients versus fillers, which makes for a better product.   Today on the blog, I’m rounding up the top 5 Korean makeup brands you should try out.  I made sure all of these brands are available in North America making them easy to shop!

Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands

First of all, this was a hard list to put together.  Mainly because there’s more than 5 Korean makeup brands that are worth discussing.  Additionally, some Korean makeup products are notoriously hard to get in North America.  Now that we’re living in a COVID world, it’s even harder.  Below I have listed my top 5, based on brands you can easily purchase from.  There’s no point listing products that you can’t readily buy in North America.  However underneath, you’ll find a couple additional brands that I had to mention given the quality of their products.  Scroll down to see additional picks, including top products from each brand!

Glow Pick

Throughout this post you’ll see me reference Glow Pick.  Glow Pick is a Korean Beauty review website that uses consumer reviews to rank Korean Beauty and makeup products.  Each year they come out with their top products.  It’s a great site since the reviews are all based on real consumers.  I use Glow Pick a lot when determining which Korean Beauty brands and products to try out!



I wanted to kick off my top 5 Korean makeup brands with CLIO.  Founded in 1993, CLIO launched their first set of makeup products in 1997 along with their first store in Seoul, South Korea.  In 2000 they launched their first hit products, consisting of pen lip gloss and a metallic pearl eyeshadow stick (classic early 2000 style!).  Throughout the years, they’ve created Korea’s first ever cosmetic art show and campaigns with large Korean celebrities.  In 2007 they entered the skincare market.  They now own 5 additional cosmetic companies including: Peripera, Goodal, Dermatory, Healing Bird and Club skyrocketing CLIO’s sales into the billions.

Below I’ve summarized CLIO’s top selling products, along with their Glow Pick ratings from Korean consumers!  All of these products are available in North America!

Pro Eye Shadow Palette

One of CLIO’s top selling products is their Pro Eye shadow palette!  It comes in 6 different color variations.  This palette has great reviews on both Glow Pick and Amazon.  Each palette has a variety of matte, shimmer and glitter colors.  According to consumers, the palette is long wearing, with high quality pigment!

Glow Pick Rating of 4.39 based on 1,497 ratings

USA Amazon: CLIO Pro Eye Shadow Palette

Canada Amazon: Click Here

UK Amazon: Click Here 

Waterproof Pencil Liner

CLIO’s waterproof pencil liner, has amazing reviews on both Amazon and Glow Pick!  Consumers rave about the long wear, easy application and price!  At only $9.99 its amazing value!

Glow Pick Rating 4.22 based on 3,419

USA Amazon: CLIO Sharp So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner

Killer lash Mascara 

I had to include a mascara and this one is awesome quality!  If you’ve been looking for one that’s waterproof and 100% smudge proof this one is for you!  Users rave about how it gives them length, and it doesn’t budge (it almost works too well!).

Glow Pick Rating 4.38 based on 2,354 ratings

Amazon USA: Killer Lash Mascara 


Rouge Heel Velvet Lipstick

Looking for a vibrant red lipstick that goes on like a dream!?  Look no further!  According to consumers the color goes on matte but doesn’t leave your lips dry.  Also the packing is super cute!

Glow Pick Rating 4.17 based on 554 reviews

Amazon US: CLIO Rouge Heel Velvet x Fei, Velvet-finished lipstick

Amazon Canada: Click Here

Prism Air Highlighter 

This prism air comes in 2 highlighter colors and three blush tones.  A lot of consumers say this has topped their favourite highlighters from Mac and others from Sephora!  It’s great quality and long lasting.

Glow Pick Rating 4.39 based on 400 reviews

Amazon USA: CLIO Prism Air Highlighter & Blusher

Amazon UK: Click Here

Kill Brow Eyebrow Pencil

This eyebrow pencil comes in a variety of colors and is super easy to apply.  Users rave about the pigmentation, the quality and ease of use!

Glow Pick Rating 4.32 based on 1,076 reviews

Amazon US: CLIO Kill Brow Auto Hard Eyebrow Pencil

Kill Cover Foundation

I wanted to include a foundation in here and this one has great reviews.  It’s a long wearing product that comes in a variety of shades!  It also leave your face with a nice hydrated finish.

Glow Pick Rating 3.92 based on 37 reviews

Amazon USA: CLIO Kill Cover Stay Perfect Foundation

2) Peripera

Peripera was launched in 2005.  The name was inspired by “Pera” or “Peri” a Persian fairy.  Throughout the years, the brand has launched lines in connection with Disney’s Frozen and the Power Puff Girls.  More recently they have launched award winning products including the Ink Black Cara Mascara and the Ink Airy Velvet Lip Tint (both linked below) that have won both Allure and Power Room Awards.

Ink V Shading

This product has quite a high rating on GlowPick!  It’s a shading powder that can be used for bronzer or contour.  Comes in two different shades and is a great price!

Glow Pick rating 4.28 based on 996 reviews

Amazon US: Peripera Ink V Shading

Ink Airy Velvet

This is Peripera’s award winning lip tint!  It comes in a variety of colors and is extremely popular on both GlowPick and Amazon.  Users love the colors and the long lasting effects.

Glow Pick rating 3.98 based on 11,654 reviews

Amazon US: Peripera Ink Velvet Lip Tint

Amazon Canada: Click Here 

Ink Black Cara Mascara 

Another strong mascara!  This one has won numerous awards as well over the years from Allure and Power Room.  It has great reviews, users rave about how it does not budge once applied.  It also provides lots of volume!

Glow Pick rating 4.12 based on 3,706 review

Amazon USA: Peripera Ink Black Mascara

Ink Airy Stick

If you’re looking for a great nude lipstick that goes on smooth and is long lasting, this one’s for you!  Comes in a TON of colors along with a lot of amazon ratings – this lipstick is a popular one.

Glow Pick Rating 4.14 based on 892 ratings

USA Amazon: Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Lipstick

Canada Amazon: Click Here

Sugar Twinkle Liquid Eye Shadow

Many Korean makeup brands offer liquid glitter eyeshadow so I had to include one in this list!  This one comes in 4 different colors and has great reviews on Amazon and Glow Pick.  Some even compare it to the Stila glitter eyeshadows but for half the price!

Glow Pick Rating 3.94 based on 273 ratings

Amazon USA: Peripera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Eye Shadow

3) ETUDE House

Next up we have Etude House.  The name was inspired by Frédéric Chopin, a polish composer who published 3 Etudes (solo studies).  Just like Chopin, Etude promises perfect mastery of makeup products for its consumers. Founded in 1985, Etude has a long history in the cosmetics industry.  They have launched hundreds of stores across the globe and have won numerous awards for their products.

Glow On Oil Volume Base

One of the Top Glow Picks of 2019, this Glow on Base is the perfect layer under foundation.  Users rave about how this product helps their foundation look like their natural skin and gives them a glow from within look.   If you have dry skin this is for you!

Glow Pick Rating 4.24 based on 3,820 reviews

USA Amazon:  Glow On oil Volume Base

Canada Amazon: Click Here

Double Lasting Foundation

This double lasting foundation comes in a variety of shades and has glowing reviews on Glow Pick and Amazon.  It’s a great option for consumers with dry skin as it provides a dewy, hydrated finish.


GlowPick Rating 3.7 based on 2,972

Amazon USA: Etude Double Lasting Foundation

Big Cover Concealer 

This concealer comes in a variety of shades and correcting colors like green!  This product has great reviews on Amazon with users saying it isn’t cakey, doesn’t crease and leaves a nice finish on the skin!

Glow Pick rating of 3.83 based on 679 reviews

Amazon USA: Big Cover Skin Fit Concelor 

Dear Darling Lip Tint

This lip tint has 1500 positive reviews on Amazon and comes in a variety of colors!  Users love that this tint gives them a natural looking finish while keeping thier lips hydrated!

1500 positive reviews on Amazon!

USA Amazon: Dear Darling tint 

Canada Amazon: Click Here

Berry Delicious Cream Blusher

Time for some blush on this list!  Coming in a variety of colors, this blush is long lasting, vibrant and hydrating!  It’s also highly rated on both Amazon and Glow Pick!

Glow Pick Rating 4.18 based on 2,889 reviews

Amazon USA: Berry Delicious Cream Blusher (Comes in 5 colors) 

Play Color Eyes

The play color eyes palettes are VERY well known for Etude and are extremely popular.  Coming in 6 variations there’s over 900 positive reviews on amazon and 1400 on Glow Pick!  From mattes, to glittery shades there’s something for everyone in here!

Glow Pick Rating 4.45 based on 1,476 ratings

USA Amazon: Play Color Eyes in Caffeine Holic

Canada Amazon: Click Here


Oh! M’Eye Lash Mascara 

This mascara is incredibly popular in Korea with over 9,400 reviews on Glow Pick!  Light weight, smear proof and long lasting, this mascara is a winner.

Glow Pick Rating 4.12 based on 9,497 reviews

Amazon USA: Oh! M’Eye Lash Mascara 

4) Innisfree 

The next brand on my list of the top 5 Korean Makeup Brands is Innisfree!  Innisfree was launched by Amore Pacific in 2002 as an eco-friendly brand. Innisfree’s name comes from W. B. Yeats’ poem, ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree”.  Innisfree has launched various skincare and makeup products in stores across the globe.  They promise to use pure and reliable ingredients in all of their products.

Dark Circle Concealer

This concealer specifically targets dark circles.  Based on reviews, users have indicated that this product does just that without leaving their skin feeling cakey!

Glow Pick Rating 4.0 based on 402 ratings

Amazon USA: Dark Circle Concealer

Innisfree My Blusher

One of the more popular products from Innisfree, the My Blusher comes in a variety of different colors.  It goes on smooth and leaves a nice pigment.

Glow Pick Rating 4.25 based on 2,196 reviews

Amazon USA: My Blusher Innisfree 

Skinny Microcara Zero

Popular on both Amazon and GlowPick, this mascara has a micro wand which helps separate the lashes.  Users say the result is natural looking lashes that don’t smudge and are long lasting.


Glow Pick Rating 4.01 based on 816 ratings

USA Amazon: Skinny Microcara Zero

Canada Amazon: Click Here


Two Toned Eyebrow Kit

If you’re looking for a powder eyebrow kit look no further!  This two toned palette helps you get the perfect colors while shaping your brows!

GlowPick Rating 4.12 based on 132 reviews

Amazon USA: Two Toned Eyebrow Kit

Canada Amazon (Similar) Click here

Vivid Shine Tint Lip Products

This kit comes with three different shades of tint.  It’s goes on smooth and is long lasting!

Glow Pick Rating 4.11 based on 157 reviews

Amazon USA: Vivid Shine Tint Lip Products 

5) Moonshot

Moonshot is a newer K-beauty brand!  It launched its first store in Seoul South Korea in 2014.  Moonshot shot into popularity as they’re backed by YG Entertainment which is the company behind PSY (Gangnam style).  Moonshot is known for their vibrant colors and gorgeous packaging.  They also have popular Korean Artists and models representing the brand.

Micro Correct Fit Cushion Foundation

This cushion foundation comes in a variety of colors and offers a light full coverage base.  It’s also long lasting and doesn’t dry out the skin!


Glow Pick rating 3.87 based on 863 ratings

Amazon USA: Moonshot Micro Correct Fit Cushion

Canada Amazon Click Here

Airy Velvet Matte Lip

The Airy Matte Lip is one of Moonshot’s most popular products!  With a variety of colors, users rave that the color is highly pigmented, it goes on smooth and doesn’t leave the lips feeling dry.


GlowPick rating 4.09 based on 108 ratings

Amazon USA: Airy Velvet Matte Lip 

Canada Amazon Click Here

Moonshot Air Blusher

Coming in a couple different colors, this blush is a fan favourite.  It has great pigment and users say it shows up on medium and dark skin tones!

GlowPicker rating of 4.32 based on 117 ratings

Amazon USA: Moonshot Air Blusher

Moonshot Stick Extreme

A lipstick line with deeper colors, that apply smooth and are long lasting!

GlowPicker rating of 3.96 based on 100 ratings

Amazon USA: Moonshot Stick Extreme

Honourable Mentions

Below I’m including some other Korean Makeup brands that didn’t make my top 5 Korean Makeup brands list but are fantastic!  I also along shard their best selling product!

1) Too Cool For School

This Artclass Contour Palette from Too Cool For School probably has the most positive reviews in this entire post with over 12K on GlowPick and 300 on amazon, this is a keeper!  Users use it for contouring and love the pigmentation!


GlowPick rating 4.42 based on 12,246 reviews

Amazon USA: Artclass Contour Palette 

Amazon Canada click here 

2) Touch in Sol

I had to include this No Pore Blem primer in this article because it has over 4,700 positive reviews on amazon!  If you want your makeup to stay in place this is for you!  Users rave that it helps give their makeup a natural look and feel for hours!

4,700 positive reviews on amazon

Amazon USA: No Pore Blem Primer

Canada Amazon Here


The Missha Magic Cushion is one of their best selling products and foundations!  Users rave that the product leaves their skin looking natural, radiant and bright.  It’s lightweight while still providing great coverage.

Amazon USA: Missha Magic Cushion

Canada Amazon Here

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 Korean Makeup Brands!  There are so many amazing brands and products coming out of Korea right now that I urge you to try out!  Who knows maybe you’ll find some new holy grail products while you’re at it!

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