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8 Best Motorized Cat Toys Your Pet Will Love!

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I will make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. These are products I’ve personally used and stand behind, learn more.

best motorized cat toys

Today on Prada & Pearls I’m bringing you the best motorized cat toys I could find!  I know first hand the struggle to keep cats entertained.  From owning cats my entire life, I’ve come across hundreds of cat toys.  Some have provided hours of fun, while other get the dreaded 2 second sniff never to be touched again.  Cat toys are tough.  It’s hard to know what your cat will love, however more times that not, I’ve had good luck with the motorized toy variety.

The Best Motorized Cat Toys Your Pet Will Love

Motorized cat toys are great because you don’t have to control them.  These especially come in handy for my household since my boyfriend and I both work from home.  Our cat tends to have separation anxiety and wants to be beside us 24/7.  Adding motorized cat toys into our collection definitely has helped our cat Brady get hours of entrainment while we work.

Below, I have summarized my top picks and why I like them.  I will mention however, that cat toys can be a bit hit or miss.  Every cat is different, so what might work for some doesn’t work for others.  With that said, all of these toys have great promise and are great toys to keep your cat entertained!

I also want mention, that with any cat toy, cats should always be supervised while using, especially motorized toys.

1) The Robot Laser

Get the Robot Laser Here

I wanted to start with a laser machine because every single cat I’ve ever owned has been OBSESSED with lasers.  My cat gets so excited when we pull out our hand held version.  He actually recognizes it and even know how it jingles (he’s honestly in love with that toy).  So I thought I would try out an automatic version.

Brady enjoys the laser, I’ll be honest he’s not as into it as the manual version since with the manual one we can do infinite number of patterns however this keeps him entertained and is a GAME CHANGER for when we’re trying to work.  Here’s what I like:

  • Hands off
  • Affordable under $30.00
  • Automatic 15 minute shut off
  • 5 adjustable circle ring mode with 2 light speeds
  • USB Charging available
  • Cats love it!


2) The Motorized Fish

best motorized cat toys

Get the Motorized Fish here

I think I’ve seen this toy advertised everywhere this year so I had to see what the hype was all about.  Essentially this cat toy is a motorized fish that flops around and contains catnip – sounds awesome right?  Well, I’m happy to report it is!  This toy has everything, especially if your cat is a huge fan of catnip.

What I like about this toy:

  • Durable and well made
  • Affordable at under $20.00
  • Chargeable via USB
  • Refillable catnip pouch


3) Concealed Motion Toy

best motorized cat toys

Get the Concealed Motion Toy here 

If you’re cat likes chasing things this is the toy they need!  The feather is concealed under the mat and spins.  With close to 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon this cat toy is extremely popular!  It’s also on sale right now for under $20.00.  A lot of reviewers say their cats get hours of entertainment out of this toy.  What I personally like about it:

  • Has two speeds your cat can have fun with
  • Affordable at under $20.00
  • Battery Powered
  • Great for cats of all ages



4) Motorized Rotating Ball Cat Toy

best motorized cat toys

Click here for the Rotating Ball Toy

Next up we have this rotating ball toy!  Once charged, the ball will automatically roll for four hours, however it does have an automatic shut off at 40 minutes.  It’s perfect for cats of all ages.  What I like most about this toy is that it automatically changes direction when it hits anything like a wall or a chair etc.  Other awesome features are:

  • Rechargeable
  • Automatic direction changes (keeps cats engaged)
  • Automatic shutoff after 40 min
  • Affordable under $20.00


5) Motorized Butterfly Toy

best motorized cat toys

Click here for the motorized Butterfly toy

I had to include the butterfly cat toy because its such a cute one that your cat will love!  The butterfly’s move around unpredictably and provide hours of fun.  It has rubber feet so it won’t slip around while your cat plays and has an easy on and off switch!  Other things I like about this toy:

  • Battery operated
  • Durable and easy to set up
  • Affordable under $20.00
  • Very Interactive for your pet


6) Motorized Mouse

best motorized cat toys

Click here Motorized Mouse Toy

I really wanted to include a motorized mouse in this haul post because I’ve been wanted to get one for Brady for ages.  So many cats love mice and having a motorized one that runs around is even better!  At only $9.99 this one is incredibly affordable!  It’s battery operated and will keep your cat entertained for hours.  What I like about this toy:

  • Has realistic random movements
  • Can flip from its back to its feet if it gets flipped over
  • Will get your cat running around
  • Battery powered


7) Hide and Seek Mouse Toy

Click here Hide and Seek Mouse Toy

This is a super unique toy so I had to include it!  This toy is a hide and seek mouse toy where the mouse goes in and out of the holes.  The mouse displays random movements so it will keep your cat entertained.  There are two mouse speed modes which provides some variety for your kitty!  Here’s what else I like about it:

  • soft top layer for your cat
  • Battery operated and turns on with one button
  • Indestructible (according to one reviewer)
  • Very interactive


8) Motorized Feathered Ball

best motorized cat toys

Click here for the Motorized feather ball

Last up we have the motorized feather ball.  This toy has over 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon.  Cats are obsessed with this toy due to its random movements and fun feather attachments.  It’s battery powered and will run for hours keeping your cat busy.  What I like about this toy:

  • Great for cats of all ages
  • Random movements keep cats entertained
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Can run on carpet


I hope you enjoyed these 9 motorized cat toys, all keep your cat super entertained!  With most being under $20, these are really affordable options to distract your cat.

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