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This page is dedicated to all things beauty!  Read tips and tricks related to:

1) Hair Care

Sharing everything from how to stop hair breakage to my favourite purple shampoos!  I wanted to create these hair care posts to give you the best hair possible!  I know first hand the struggle of trying to grow your hair while preventing hair damage, it’s not easy!  I’m sharing all my secrets in this page!

2) Makeup

These posts are dedicated to all things makeup!  Sharing my favourite products and seasonal looks!  If you want inspiration for your makeup look no further!

3) Skincare Tips

My favourite topic!  Sharing tons of the top skincare products I use regularly.  Skincare is one of the most important things to perfect in your beauty routine!  Your skin should come first!  Check out these post to learn more.

Let this be your one stop shop to all things beauty!

Check out top beauty posts here:

Here are my top blog posts related to beauty.

5 tips to stop hair breakage!

Got Hair breakage?  Read this post and see how I dramatically improved mine!  I know first hand how frustrating it can be growing out your hair.  Sharing my top products and tips that help.

Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands!

K-beauty has taken the makeup and skincare scene by storm the last couple years.  If you’ve ever been curious to try some Korean makeup products read this post!  I summerize my top 5 brands that are available on amazon!  They’re super easy to order!

6 Lipsticks You Need This Fall!

Looking for a good fall lipstick!?  I’m sharing 6 gorgeous colors that would look amazing on all skin tones!  Check them out now!

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