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How To Entertain Guests At Home!

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Today on Prada & Pearls we’re sharing how to entertain guests at home.  Entertaining can be both fun and rewarding, however it can also cause some stress if you aren’t sure how to make your guests feel welcome and at home.

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When inviting friend’s over for celebrations, or to simply spend time with one another, it’s a great idea to think of how you can improve these experiences.  After all, your home should be a place you feel happy to entertain in.  

With this in mind, it’s important to consider the most impactful elements of investing in your home, such as the spaces you’ll entertain in.

Before we go into this list, it’s important to note that you don’t have to have the ‘perfect home’ in order to entertain well.  You just need the right home for you.  

Below are some general, fun ideas that can add to both your enjoyment and the enjoyment of your guests.  However, they are not needed to provide a memorable experience.


How to Entertain Guests At Home

Coffee Machines & Home Bar Setup

entertaining guests, entertain guests at home, having company over, house guests

A lot of individuals are big coffee and/or tea drinkers.  If this applies to your guests (like it does ours typically) having a coffee bar with a coffee machine set up is a great way to offer a wide range of drinks.  This is perfect if your guests happen to wake up before you and are looking for a warm beverage to start their day.   A coffee bar also provides some evening drink options with dessert.

Another great idea to entertain guests at home is a home bar.  Having a nice home bar setup is a great place to sit on stools, listen to good music, and use your nice glass ware.  Having a proper set up can help relax guests and can be a great place to hang out. 


Quick & Light Dining

entertaining guests, entertain guests at home, having company over, house guests

Serving light food to your guests in a manner that’s not as formal can help everyone relax.  Personally, I like serving charcuterie boards or finger foods to make it more casual.  This way your guests can get a wide range of food options and they can decide how much they want to eat.

Another great way to do this is to have a bbq.  There are so many great recipes that can be made on the bbq and it gets everyone outside enjoying your green space.  This makes entertaining a lot more informal which can help everyone relax.


Beautiful Movie Setup

entertaining guests, entertain guests at home, having company over, house guests

Most people love to watch movies, however due to lack of seating it can be difficult to get everyone in one room.  A great way to entertain guests at home during the summer is a movie projector in the your backyard.  Surprisingly, these can be quite inexpensive and easy to set up (see our top pick here).  It’s such a fun way to get all of your guests together watching your favourite movies outside under the stars.


Towels, Soap and Shampoo

If you have overnight guests visiting, make sure to provide them with their own fresh towels and a bar of soap.  We always provide this in our home and it really makes a difference.  Your guests feel taken care of right away.  Additionally, I like to have some mini shampoo and conditioner travel bottles ready in case my guests forgot to bring theirs.

Providing your guests with the comforts of home, helps everyone relax and really enjoy their stay.


Indoor/ Outdoor Furniture

The placement of Indoor furniture is always worth considering ahead of time.  Proper planning for the number of guests you’ll be having over helps people to come together and feel comfortable.  If I’m having a large number of guests over, I’ll prepare with additional chairs so everyone has a place to sit.  

Another thing to consider if you have overnight guests is outdoor seating.  I like to set up a couple of outdoor chairs on our front porch for our guests to enjoy their coffee in the morning.  Also having a back patio with outdoor seating is the perfect spot in the warmer months to relax.  


Vegetable Garden

entertaining guests, entertain guests at home, having company over, house guests

A fun way to entertain guests at home is picking fresh fruit or vegetables from your garden.  You can then use them to cook with.  Having a garden is both rewarding for you, and a fun activity to do when entertaining.

Easy vegetables to start out with are tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and garlic.  All can be grown relatively easily depending on how much sunlight your garden gets.  Having your guests participate in the collection can be a unique and tasty experience!


Polaroid Camera 

entertaining guests, entertain guests at home, having company over, house guests

A fun thing that makes everyones stay a little more memorable is to bring out a polaroid camera!  Polaroids are so fun to use and guests can easily take their pictures home with them.  We recommend the Fujifilm Instax (we have one ourselves.)

These are perfect for capturing memorable moments and helps document the visit!  They’re an easy way to add some fun to the night!


Hot Tub

entertaining guests, entertain guests at home, having company over, house guests

Lastly we wanted to mention Hot tubs and pools.  Now this is an expensive hosting investment and is really for your own personal use rather than for guests.  However, they’re such a fun feature to have in your home that your friends will really look forward to.  

Hot tubs are a great way to bring people together.  They’re a stress free activity that everyone looks forward to.  It’s the perfect way to bring everyone together throughout all four seasons.  Also if you live up north and can’t get much use out of your backyard in the winter (like myself) this is the perfect way to enjoy your backyard while there’s snow on the ground.


We hope you enjoyed all of these unique ideas to entertain guests at home!  Applying one of two of these tips and tricks can really make entertaining that much more enjoyable for both you and your company!


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