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The Best Home Winterization Tips You Need To Try!

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Today we want to go over some key home winterization tips that every home owner should be aware of.   It is relatively simple to winterize your home, however it does take some planning.  

That’s why we’ve decided to round up 4 things you can do to ensure your home is ready for the colder months.


The Best Home Winterization Tips 

1) Cover Your Drafts

Sometimes doors don’t fit well or window seals wear down.  With that comes drafts, and in the winter, those drafts can feel like Arctic blasts. While the weather is still relatively mild, check your doors and windows for those tell tale drafts.

If and when you identify one, take the steps to rectify the situation. Windows can be wrapped in plastic to keep cold air out.  For doors with drafts, put door socks underneath to fill the void.  By doing these simple things, you can not only keep the cold out, but you can keep the heat in, which will save you money on your heating bill.


2) Clean Your Eavestroughs

When snow melts, if your eavestroughs are not clear, they will back up and you may get water damage to your roof.  This can be extremely costly to repair.

The best way to keep that from happening is to clean out the eavestroughs before winter starts. An easy way to do this is by hiring a company that does eavestrough cleaning.  That way you don’t have to go onto your roof yourself.  

Eavestrough cleaners will clear out the autumn leaves from your gutter as well as other debris that may have gotten in there from summer storms. It is a quick task that will save you headaches and repairs in the future. 


3) Cover and Put Away Your Furniture

If you have any outdoor furniture, cover it and put it away. If you don’t have the storage space, that’s okay, as long as you have the furniture covered.

Covering furniture from snow and ice helps maintain the quality.  As we all know, patio furniture is really expensive and therefore needs to be taken care of.  

You can order furniture covers online, and when they arrive, it typically takes less than thirty minutes to have everything covered.


4) Buy Snow-Clearing Supplies

Either buy the proper snow clearing supplies or pay for snow removal.

This time of year, snow blowers are currently marked down, so this is the perfect time to purchase.  If snow blowers are not what you are looking for, then stock up on shovels, salts, sands. Get everything while it is affordable and before it sells out. 


We hope you enjoyed all of these home winterization tips!  These are some easy chores that will really help you survive those colder months.


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