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How to move stress free; Our top tips!

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How to move stress free.  I think we’ve all asked ourselves this question before planning a move.  

Moving to a new home can bring with it all sorts of tough emotions.  Not only do we have the intense excitement of moving to a totally new place, we also typically have some anxiety, nervousness, and worry, too.

how to move stress free, meet the neighbours, moving tips

It’s okay to admit that your mental health might be impacted during this time.  Moving can unleash a wide range of emotions.  There’s also typically a certain amount of stress that always comes with leaving an old home or apartment.  

Change is challenging even when it’s something that we want and chose.   With that said, it’s important to put an emphasis on your mental health so that you can properly engage with the process,.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few measures you can use to keeping good mental health and clarity throughout your move.  After reading this post, you’ll have actionable tips that you can use to make your move as seamless as possible.


Plan Well In Advance

how to move stress free, meet the neighbours, moving tips

It’s important to plan your move well in advance. This may seem obvious, however moves come up fast, and usually a point of stress can come from being unprepared.

If you’re going to be hiring movers to help facilitate your move like North American Van Lines, make sure you call and plan well in advance so you know how to prepare and how much it will cost you.  

If you’re planning on moving yourself make sure you have all elevators booked well in advance (if you live in a high rise), purchase the correct amount of boxes, rent a moving truck and start organizing so your packing goes faster.


Ask For Help If Necessary 

how to move stress free, meet the neighbours, moving tips

If necessary, asking for help can be key.  With that said, I know first hand how difficult this can be. 

Asking for help might be involve having a friend or relative head to the new home while you transport boxes.  This allows you to know that someone will be at the other side.

Or, perhaps asking a friend to come and help you pack your goods.  Having additional hands to help organize and transport your items to your new location can make all the difference in the world.  Moving is complicated it’s time consuming and having more people involved will make it go a lot faster.  


Meet Your Neighbors When Possible

how to move stress free, meet the neighbours, moving tips

Moving to a new place alone, or even with a partner, can sometimes feel a little isolating.  Knowing no one in your surrounding environment is never a nice feeling, but you can ease this by meeting your neighbours.

When Chris and I moved into our new home covid hit a month later.  It was difficult not being able to meet the people that live beside us.  Over the last 6 months we’ve been able to wave and talk from a far.  This really helped me feel more at home knowing if I need anything I can always head to a neighbours home.  


With this advice, I hope you now know how to move stress free!