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Tips for moving into your college dorm!

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It’s time for a new school year, which is why we wanted to share some top tips for moving into your college dorm!  

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Going to college can be scary.  It’s the first time you’ll be out on your own.   Moving into your dorm room especially can be stressful, given it’s a completely new space.  It’s normal to be anxious about meeting new people and finding your way around.  

Planning ahead for this transition can help manage some stress and make move-in day a breeze!  


Coordinate The Move With Your Roommate

If you’re moving in with someone else, it’s essential to plan the move together.  If one person arrives early and fills the room with their stuff, you might find that there’s no space left for you.

Doing it together also cuts down the amount of time it takes to get things unpacked and sorted.  If you can get in touch with your roommate before the move, it’s best to coordinate and move in on the same day.  This way you’ll also instantly have a new friend that you can hang out with, which helps when getting to know your new school. 


Write A Checklist Of All Your Stuff

You should make a list of everything you’re bringing to college.  It needs to be written down so that you’ll remember what you have and what you still need to get.  Refer to this list when you’re packing so you don’t forget anything.

Once you’re in your dorm you may realize there are some additional things you’ll need, but having an initial list helps you stay organized and ensures you have everything when you start your classes.



Plan Your Decor In Advance

Before you move to college, look at the room and plan how you want to decorate it.  Decorating your dorm room is an amazing way to make it feel like home (I talk from experience).  When I went to University, having pictures of my friends and family and personal items really made me feel more at ease.  

Along with decor you’ll also want to figure out storage and organization.  This can be difficult, typically dorms don’t offer a ton of storage space.  This means you’ll need to do some planning in advance to figure out what types of storage items need to be purchased.  

Check out this great post for some inspiration when decorating your dorm room.


Hire A Good Moving Company

If you’re going to college across country you’ll likely want to hire a moving company. Hiring a professional company like Allied Van Lines means your stuff will all be packed properly and things won’t get broken along the way.  It takes the stress out of the move if you have an experienced team to handle most of it for you.


Going to college is such a huge milestone in your life.  Yes it can be stressful at first, however it honestly will be such a fun and amazing experience!  Hopefully these tips for moving into your college dorm has given you some tricks to put you at ease.