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The Best Curling Iron For Beginners

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If you’re getting into the world of hair curling you’ve come to the right post.  Today I’m sharing the best curling iron for beginners!  Hair curling can be difficult even if you’re experienced with hair styling!  With so many hair tools on the market it can also get very confusing with where to start.  Not all curling irons are made equal, some are definitely better than others.  That’s why I’m here to help!  Below, you’ll find my top hair curling iron for beginngers based on price, so you can achieve your best curls yet!

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1 Conair Curling Iron /   5 Barrel Set / 3 T3 Curling Iron Set 

General Tips

Before we get into my top recommended curling irons, I wanted to share some of my top tips for getting better at curling your hair.  I know first hand how difficult it can be to master.  When you start out, a lot of the time your hair ends up looking nothing like what you wanted it to.  Below are some tips to help you create the look you wanted!

1) Practice makes perfect 

I know this one is obvious but with anything, practice makes perfect.  It took me a solid 6 months to finally get the hang of curling my hair.  At the start, my hair looked awful, but now I can curl it within 20 minutes!  I recommend practicing on weekends or nights when you have no plans.  That way, if it doesn’t go as planned, you can just laugh about it.  Trust me it will get better.

2) Use a heat glove

Click here for the heat glove I recommend 

A heat glove makes it a lot easier to curl your hair.  By using the gloves, you can touch the curling barrel, which makes curling a lot simpler.  Burning your fingers unfortunately is a common occurrence when you’re trying to figure out how to use hot tools so these make this process a lot easier.


3) Use a heat protectant 

Click here for the heat protectant I recommend 

When you start using heat tools, including a curling iron, it’s important to use a heat protectant.  Heat protectants help put a protective barrier on your strands which reduces heat damage that causes dryness and split ends.


4) Wet Brush

Click here for my wet brush

Before you curl your hair you want to make sure it’s completely tangle free and smooth.  This makes a huge difference.  You need to make sure there are no knots present.  I personally use the brand “wet brush”.  I use it on my wet and dry hair.  This brush easily gets out all the knots without causing more breakage.


The Best Curling Iron For Beginners Based On Price

Time to get into the best curling iron for beginners.  I decided to share three different ones depending on your price point.  Spending hundreds on a curling iron is sometimes not possible or even needed.  That’s why I’ve rounded up a low budget, medium budget and luxury tool that are all great for beginners.

Budget Curling Iron

best curling iron for beginners

Click here for this curling iron 

This is one of the most inexpensive curlings irons I could find.  With that said it has a really high positive rating.  On amazon alone this curling iron has close to 12,000 positive reviews.  If you’re new to curling your hair I highly recommend starting with an expensive one like this that will give you gorgeous curls.  One of the best things about this iron is the cool tip at the end of the barrel.  It makes it easier to hold while you’re learning.

For a beginner, this type of curling iron is great because it has a low investment cost.  If for some reason you don’t want to curl your hair in the future, you haven’t wasted a lot of money on this one.  It’s also has various heat settings that works on a wide range of hair styles!



Mid Range

best curling iron for beginners

Click here for this Curling Iron Set 

Second is this curling iron set that is extremely affordable!  What I love about this set is that it gives you 5 different barrels to try.  This is great when you’re first trying to curl your hair because you can see what barrel size you like best.  Each barrel will give you a very different look.  By using this set, it’ll be easier for you to level up your curling iron with ease since you’ll know what size works for your hair.

This curling iron also has more than 4,500 positive reviews on Amazon!  I classified it as mid range but truthfully it’s extremely affordable for the value since you’re getting 5 barrels.


Luxury Curling Iron

best curling iron for beginners

Click here for the T3 Curling Set

Last up we have the T3 curling iron set.  You may have heard of the brand T3 before.  T3 sells hair dryers, curlers, straighteners and more.  All of their products are very highly rated and work quite well.  This set in particular comes with three interchangeable barrels as well as 5 heat settings.  This set also has auto voltage which means that it can be used around the world no matter what country you travel to (not all irons have this feature).

This is more on the luxury side due to the higher price point.  If you want to start with a set that is highly rated in the beauty community I would go with T3.


I hope this provided you with some clarity on what type of hair curling iron to try!  It can be extremely overwhelming with all the tools you can buy right now.  Remember, sometimes a more expensive iron, won’t be the best for you.  That’s why I would recommend starting affordable and working your way up once you know the style and brand you like.

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