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45+ Best Red and White Christmas Nails

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Are you looking for some amazing red and white Christmas nails to try out this year?  If so, you’ve come to the right post! 

Christmas is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about all the holiday manicures you want to try this year.  Red and white is such a classic Christmas color combination that goes so well together. There’s also so many designs to choose from that are super festive.

That’s why we wanted to round up some of our favourite designs below, so you can get into the Holiday spirit!   Whether you’re looking for candy cane swirls, Santa hats or snowflakes, we have all that and everything in between for your perfect December manicure.

Products we love

A lot of these looks can easily be recreated at home!  If you’re wanting to try out a matte look, I recommend getting this matte nail polish:


To be able to hand draw on the snowflakes we recommend these nail art brushes.  They are incredibly fine, and help draw out really intricate details:


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Below, we’ve rounded up 45+ red and white Christmas nails, that are perfect for the holiday season.  Remember, feel free to pin any of the images below to recreate all of these designs in the future.

If you’re not sure what design you like best, why not save a couple to Pinterest so you can reference them later.  Or, bookmark this page to find it closer to Christmas.

The Best Red and White Christmas Nails You Need To Try

1) Merry & Bright via Jennifer

Just like the name, this manicure is merry and bright! We’re loving the delicate snowflake details, they really pop against the bright red polish.

Image and nail art via @jenniferxlauren

2) Candy Cane Details via Alison

Candy canes are all the rage during Christmas, and they look great as a manicure as well. We’re loving this French tip turned into swirls by Alison.

Image and nail art via @nailsbyalsn

3) Ho ho ho via Pegi

Santa’s coming to town! If you want to get really into the Christmas spirit, try out some lettering in your nail art like Pegi.

Image and nail art via @pegi_nails

4) Candy Cane Hearts via Natalie

How adorable are these candy cane hearts by Natalie! It’s such a fun and unique manicure to try this Christmas that’s sure to get comments at the holiday party.

Image and nail art via @natalieholtnailartist

5) Santa Hat via The Hot Blend

The classic Santa hat nails. We’re loving the chrome finish Alexandra choose for the tips. Chrome is super popular right now and this is a great way to bring it into the holiday season.

Image and nail art via @thehotblend

6) Candy Cane Wonderland via Abi

Blizzard warning! If you want to make your nails look extra festive this year, put some white specks on it. It looks exactly like a snow storm blew in.

Image and nail art via @naileditbeauty

7) Candy Cane Accents via Jennifer

If you’re the type that loves a good accent nail, this is the manicure for you! Can’t go wrong with those candy cane swirls.

Image and nail art via @jenniferxlauren

8) Swirls on Swirls via Vivian

Everyone needs a little extra glitter in their lives, especially during the holiday season. We’re loving the combo of silver and gold by Vivian. It pairs so beautifully with the white and red.

Image and nail art via @vivianmariewong

9) Holiday Swirling via Oliwia

These nails remind me of the red and white mints you get at restaurants after a meal! They’re so fun and whimsical in nail art.

Image and nail art via @napaznokciach

10) Christmas Glow via Faustyna

Snowflake nails are such a classic for December. We’re loving the color of red chosen by Faustyna, it just glows.

Image and nail art via @fasia.nails

11) Holiday Sparkle via Amy

Image and nail art via @amyguynailartist

12) Short Candy Canes via Natalie

Candy canes look great on both short and long nails!

Image and nail art via @natalieholtnailartist

13) Sparkling Tips via Faustyna

Image and nail art via @fasia.nails

14) Christmas Ribbon via Tiffany

Such a unique idea. This Christmas ribbon adds the perfect touch to a classic French mani.

Image and nail art via @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

15) Festive Strings via Paulina

This manicure looks exactly like Christmas lights! The cherry red sparkle finishes off this manicure perfectly.

Image and nail art via @nailsbypaulin

16) Perfect Tips via Melanie

Image and nail art via @overglowedit

17) Glossy via Charlotte

Image and nail art via @charsgelnails_

18) Home for the Holidays by Safi

Image and nail art via @safinailstudio

19) Snowflake Touches via Monika

Image and nail art via @monika_nails

20) Chrome Candy Canes via Oliwia

Image and nail art via @napaznokciach

21) Candy Cane Lane via Caroline

Image and nail art via @nailsbycaroline_

22) Let it snow via Alexandra

We’re loving the combination of full nail art and French tips. Adding in the snowflakes is such a cute touch, making this such a fun holiday design.

Image and nail art via @thehotblend

23) Red Christmas via Aby

Image and nail art via @nailswithaby

24) Christmas Patterns via Amy

This is such a stunning Christmas pattern. The red glitter underneath gives it the right amount of shine, and really makes the white polish pop!

Image and nail art via @beautyworksbyamy

25) Perfect Candy Canes via Tiffany

Image and nail art via @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

26) Cutest Swirls via Vivian

Image and nail art via @vivianmariewong

27) Holiday Outlines via Alexandra

Image and nail art via @thehotblend

28) Double French via Pardon My French Nail Bar

The double French tip is always such a classy look and looks amazing in red and white! Try this out this year for a more subtle Christmas look.

Image and nail art via @pardonmyfrenchnailbar

29) Touches of gold via Dayanna

Image and nail art via @disseynails

30) Winter Patterns via Faustyna

If you’re looking for more of a winter manicure, break out the plaid! It’s such a go to holiday pattern and looks great in nail art as well.

Image and nail art via @fasia.nails

31) All that sparkles via Jennifer

Whether you have short nails or long, there are so many cute designs that will look great on your nails! This manicure by Jennifer, is such a great example of why you should incorporate 2 different shades of glitter this season.

Image and nail art via @jenniferxlauren

32) Santa Colors via Caroline

Image and nail art via @nailsbycaroline_

33) Candy Cane Tips via Abi

This might be the ultimate red and white manicure! How fun are these French tips.

Image and nail art via @naileditbeauty

34) Mrs. Claus Tips via Amber

Image and nail art via @amberjhnails

35) Snowflake Details via Emma

Image and nail art via @_nailsbyemmaa_

36) Winter Leaves via Emma

Don’t leave leaves behind in the fall season! Leaves can easily be brought into the winter time with the right colors.

Image and nail art via @_nailsbyemmaa_

37) Winter Wonderland via Faustyna

Image and nail art via @fasia.nails

38) Perfect Holiday Swirls via Nia

Image and nail art via @nails_and_soul

39) Cozy Christmas via Ashley

Image and nail art via @dtkaustin

40) Candy Canes and Glitter via Franci

The perfect holiday French tips! Gold pairs so well with white and red, making a fun and festive nail art idea.

Image and nail art via @pop_polished

41) Swirls and Swirling via Nia

These swirls can easily be done at home with a steady hand and the nail art brushes we linked above! Make it your own and have fun with it.

Image and nail art via @nails_and_soul

42) Poinsettia Nails via Jen

One of my favourite holiday flowers is a poinsettia, and it looks so pretty in nail art as well!

Image and nail art via @swaknails

43) Modern Christmas French via Nia

This is such a classic, the triple French tip. If you love getting into the holiday spirit but don’t want to fully commit to a festive manicure, this is a great choice. It is also very work appropriate for December.

Image and nail art via @nails_and_soul

44) Swirling Tips via Dayanna

For a more abstract design that’s super creative, try French tip swirls.

Image and nail art via @disseynails

45) Glossy via Maja

Try two different accent nails this year like Maja. You can never go wrong with candy canes and glitter.

Image and nail art via @majamarkowicz

46) Santa’s Coming via Aistė

Glitter Santa hats are always a great idea! This is such a fun spin on the classic Santa mani.

Image and nail art via @heygreatnails

We hope you enjoyed all of these gorgeous red and white Christmas nails!  Whether you’re getting your nails done at the salon or doing them yourself, doing a nail treatment can be really relaxing during the Christmas season.

As always, feel free to bookmark this page to save it for later, or Pin these images to Pinterest to share with friends!

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