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Trendy Hair Colors for the Winter Season!

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Welcoming Winter with a Pop of Color

Changing your hairstyle and hair color is pretty fun. It means sporting new looks or taking on a new persona. The good thing about trends in hair colors perfect for winter is that there is always something new and interesting to try.

If you have plans to dye your hair this winter with either a bold or subtle shade, then this blog post is perfect for you! Here you will find the most exciting hair color trends to either contrast or complement the chilly winter season.


Trendy Hair Colors For the Winter Season!

Blondes and Brunettes

Why not start this list of trends with subtle shades? Some people prefer neutral or low-key colors when dyeing their hair. The choice could either be because it’s their first time dying their hair, or they have specific commitments that make bold, candy hues a no-no for them. It could also be aesthetic.

Thankfully, 2021 welcomes a good number of these natural-looking hues.


Caramel Toffee

Hair Colors for the Winter Season

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This hair color is recommended for brunettes and blondes who want to achieve the right amount of festiveness to their hair. It is a color that looks sexy and fun without overdoing it. The combination of the light and darker highlights add depth to your hair, which makes it perfect if you also want more volume to your locks.


Rich Brown

Hair Colors for the Winter Season, brown hair

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How about a shade that reminds you of hot chocolate and the cozy atmosphere of winter? A rich brown hair color paired with a sharp and sleek haircut is enough to make you the darling of the crowd.  It’s one of the most high-fashion hair colors at the moment, and tons of celebrities dig this vivid and luscious color choice.


Jet Black

Hair Colors for the Winter Season, black hair

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Who says subtle hair colors can’t be badass? Jet black hair makes you want to unleash the rockstar within you.  It’s best paired with cool and neutral skin undertones. It also goes well with any outfit choice! If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can add streaks of dark blue along the ends of your hair.


Cinnamon Brunette

Hair Colors for the Winter Season, cinnamon hair, red hair

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Are you a natural brunette? If so, then the cinnamon brunette is the perfect color choice to emphasize your natural hair color with the right amount of warmth and flair. By enhancing the brown with a noticeable tint of red-orange, your eyes and skin tone will instantly pop. When you enter a room or walk down the streets rocking cinnamon brunette hair, people will notice you!


Powdery Balayage or Blonde

Hair Colors for the Winter Season

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Just like the caramel toffee color, a powdery balayage or blonde hue effectively makes your hair look bouncier and fuller. The visible hints of dark brown and grainy blonde shades blend well to create an interesting contrast when your hair hits the light.


Bold & Vibrant

Icy Blonde

Hair Colors for the Winter Season, blonde hair, blonde hair color

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If you’re looking for trendy hair colors for the winter season consider channeling your inner ice queen with icy blonde hair. Transitioning to a lighter shade of blonde may take several sessions, depending on whether you have virgin hair or not. Those who have damaged hair should save this hair color trend for when your tresses recover. Otherwise, the bleaching products used to achieve this color might cause severe hair breakage and permanently damage your hair and scalp. Also, this is a high-maintenance color, so make sure you are ready for the level of commitment that comes with a frosty and bright hue.


Aqua or Denim Blue

Hair Colors for the Winter Season, blue hair, aqua blue hair

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Do you want to go all-out with your winter-themed hair? Aqua or denim blue perfectly captures the chilly and cool winter vibe. Typically to achieve the aqua blue color you’re going to have to bleach your hair first, to really achieve that vibrancy.   Dark denim blue is easier to achieve for those that start with a darker shade.


Color Blocking

Hair Colors for the Winter Season, color blocking hair, color blocking hair color, color blocking hair trend

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These days, color blocking is not just limited to the clothes you wear. You can also do that with your hair! Some of the most common color combinations for luscious locks include blonde and dark brown, silver and jet black, and platinum and ash brown. Switch between daytime and nighttime looks easily with this color trend.


Rich like Red Wine

Hair Colors for the Winter Season, red hair, red hair color

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The fiery and warm allure of red hair never goes out of style. Quite honestly, red suits all four seasons because it has a different theme and feel to offer. During the summer, scarlet red hair underscores the fun and outgoing nature of the season. Fall is the season where leaves paint the town red-orange, making the bright and bold hue a complementary fashion statement. Spring calls for you to sport a more toned down yet still perky shade of red. Shift to a reddish-pink hue to match the bubbly spring atmosphere. Finally, pairing your winter weeks with a deep red hair color is sophistication and regal charm at its finest. (Talk about a hot and cold combination!)


There you have it— hair colors for the winter season!  Both for the modest hair experimenters and the bold color chameleons. Whichever color trend piques your interest the best, don’t forget to treat your hair with the proper care and maintenance post-coloring.