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25+ Fun Neon Wallpaper For Your iPhone!

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Today on Prada & Pearls I’m sharing 25+ fun neon wallpaper for your iphone!  All of these wallpapers are completely free to use!

I personally love changing up my wallpaper depending on my mood!  Recently I saw some fun neon backgrounds on Pinterest and thought I should put together this post so that others can enjoy some as well.   There are tons of different wallpapers from neon inspirations quotes to neon hearts!  There’s definitely lots of variety for you to choose from.

How to download the free wallpaper on your iPhone:

  1. On iPhone: Either screenshot and crop or hold down on the image and save
  2. Desktop: Right click and save image then crop to desired size!

As always, feel free to pin any of the images you see below so you can continue to use these in the months to come!

The Best Neon Wallpaper for your Iphone!

1. Neon Lips

neon wallpaper



2. Good Vibes Only 

neon wallpaper



3. Neon Popsicle 

neon wallpaper



4. and breathe 

neon wallpaper



5. Neon Heart

neon wallpaper


6. But First Coffee

neon wallpaper


7. Life is beautiful 

neon wallpaper


8. Dream Big

neon wallpaper


9. Pink Vibes

neon wallpaper


10. Broken Heart


11. Kiss


12. Neon Ice Cream


13. Dark Heart



14. Colored Lightning 



15. Today was a good day




16. Glowing hearts



17. Darling You’re Different 



18. It was all a dream 



19. All we have is now 



20. All the likes



21. Peace Love Wine



22. Rainbow hearts



23. Bright Lightning



24. Time is precious



25. Bright Ice Cream



26. All you need is love and mojitos

neon wallpaper

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I had so much fun creating it!  All of these neon wallpapers would be the perfect backgrounds for your iphone!

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