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The Best Primer For Textured Skin in 2021!

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If you have textured skin you know first hand how hard it is to get your makeup looking even, I speak from experience.  That’s why today on Prada & Pearls I’m talking all about the best primer for textured skin.  Textured skin can be hard to cover, it can also appear very noticeable after putting on foundation.  In this post I’m going to give recommendations on primers that can smooth it out along with what causes it and how you can actually improve the underlining problem.

best primers for textured skin

1 Laura Mercier / 2 The POREfessional / 3 Baby Skin / 4 Lawless Primer / 5 Milk Hydro

What is Texture Skin?

Textured skin is typically explained as rough or uneven skin.  Texture can appear differently depending the type of skin you have.  This has nothing to do with skin tone or discolouration, instead it relates to how your skin feels.  Surprisingly, this can be as common as uneven skin tone.

What causes textured skin?

Texture on the surface of your skin can be caused by a variety of reasons.  However, it’s usually caused by a build up of dead skin cells.  This typically occurs due to your environment, like air pollution, makeup, dirt, sweat, sebum etc.

How to Improve Textured Skin at the source

The best way I personally like to get rid of textured skin is through exfoliation and moisturization.


When I say exfoliation I don’t mean physical exfoliation, I’m talking about chemical exfoliation.  The best way I like to achieve this is through using AHA and BHA acids.  I personally use 2 AHA/BHA serums per week.  They chemically exfoliate my face and help get rid of skin texture.  Here are my personal favourites:

When using these acids, I recommend starting slow and building from there.  If you have sensitive skin, start with a lower acid percentage to get your skin used to the serums.  As always, before starting a new skin care product I do recommend consulting your dermatologist.


Maintainance & Mositure

Next I like to load on the moisture.  For this I like to focus on hyaluronic acid.  Don’t let the word “acid” scare you here.  Hyaluronic acid actually helps you lock in moisture.  It doesn’t do any exfoliating.  It’s a super gentle acid that pretty much all skin types can use.

I also like to use niacinamide which helps reduce the build up of oils and sebum that can cause texture. Here are my favourite products:


The best primer for textured skin 

Next I want to talk about the best primers to use while you’re battling your texture!  Trying to cover up texture can be extremely frustrating because foundation usually accentuates the problem.  That’s why using a primer is so important to smooth out your skin so your foundation can sit on top.

Below I have rounded up my favourite primers.  Each have their own unique features!

1) Best Heavy Duty Primer

I can tell you first hand how good this primer is because I’ve been using it for years.  If you have a fair bit of texture plus fine lines and large pores this primer does a great job at giving you a solid base.  It’s one of the more heavy duty primers I have ever used and does a really good job at evening out your skin.

best primer for textured skin

Click here for the POREfessional Primer


2) Best Drugstore Primer 

This is hands down the best drug store primer around.  It does an amazing job at evening out texture and filling in pores.  Also you can’t beat the price.  On amazon along is has over 29,000 positive reviews with before and afters.  There’s no arguing this is the GOAT of drugstore primer.

best primer for textured skin

Click here for the Baby Skin Primer


3)  Silicone Free Primer 

Silicone used to be one of the top ingredients in primers since it does an excellent job at smoothing out the skin.  However in recent years there has been more studies on how silicone can actually significantly irritate the skin.  This is especially apparent in people who have sensitive skin.

There have been a lot of silicone free primer products developed that are just as good as primers with silicone.  If you have sensitive skin or rosacea I recommend using this silicone free primer, here are my favourites:


I hope this article has given you more information about what texture is, how to get rid of texture and the best primer for textured skin.  Texture can be extremely annoying to manage so I hope this helps you improve your skin in the long run!

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