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40+ Picnic Aesthetic Wallpaper To Give Your Inspiration!

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Today on Prada & Pearls we’re sharing some stunning picnic aesthetic wallpaper for your Phone!  All of these wallpapers are completely free to use and would look amazing as your background!

Picnics are such a fun activity to do in warmer months!  Getting out into nature and just enjoying an afternoon is the perfect way to spend a weekend!

Whether you want this wallpaper to calm your mood or to inspire you on your next picnic, there’s a lot of cute ideas in here!

Wallpapers are an easy way to add a positive vibe to your day.  If you’re anything like me, you likely check your phone a lot during the day, that’s why having a cute wallpaper can really lift your mood!

How to download the free wallpaper on your iPhone:

  1. On iPhone: Either screenshot and crop or hold down on the image and save
  2. Desktop: Right-click and save the image then crop to the desired size!

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As always, feel free to pin any of the images you see below so you can continue to use these in the months to come!

Cute Picnic Aesthetic Wallpaper for your Phone!

Below is a collection of my favourite picnic wallpapers!  All of these photos would make for the perfect background on your phone.  There’s a total of 43 so there’s lots to choose from below.

1) By the water 

Why not go down to the water and have a picnic as you watch the boats go by!  It’s the perfect place to also watch the sun set. 


2) Saturday Afternoon 

This is the perfect combination for a charcuterie board.  I personally love having grapes, Brie, olives and wine!  It’s the perfect pairing!


3) Golden Hour Picnic 


4) Summer Days 

Who says you need someone else to go on a picnic with you?  Grab a good book, bring along some great food and enjoy!


5) Sunshine and Cocktails

Back some fancy glassware, pre-make a yummy cocktail and head to the park!  It’s the perfect way to spend golden hour. 


6) In the meadow 


7) Fall Vibes 

Picnics don’t have to be for spring or summer, you can also do a fun fall picnic!  Bring some cozy blankets and some wine to keep warm. 


8) Fruit Snacks 


9) Morning picnics 

When you think of a picnic you probably thing about lunch.  Why not do a breakfast picnic!  Get your morning coffee in the park while chowing down on some delicious doughnuts. 


10) Tea and a good book 

Not into wine?  Why not bring some tea along!  


11) Fruit Buffet 


12) Sunset snacks 


13) Wine and Cheese 


14) Meal for the park 


15) Fall Snacks 


16) Sweet and Savory 


17) Field Snacks 


18) Beach Sunsets 


19) Fruit and Cheese


20) Fall bread basket 


21) Late Afternoon Snack 


22) Afternoon Beach Day 


23) Beach date

The beach is one of my favourite places to visit!  If it’s not swimming season, you can still enjoy the beach in cooler weather with a cute picnic. 


24) Secluded Picnic 




25) Spring snack board 


26) Picnic Party 

What a perfect setup for a party!  If you have a large outdoor space why not invite your guests to eat outside, picnic style. 


27) Spring breakfast 


28) Picnic party for two


29) Afternoon photos and snacks 


30) Wine with a view 

Wine with a view, doesn’t get better than that!


31) Moody picnic 


32) Summer afternoon


33) Sweet treats 


34) Fairy lights and fruit 


35) Late day picnic 


36) Outdoor Breakfast 



37) Perfect Picnic Setup

How adorable is this cute picnic basket!  It makes set up so much faster!


38) Purple Picnic 


39) Bread, Cheese and Fruit 

The best pairing around!


40) Vintage Picnic 


41) Fresh Picnic 



42) Romantic Picnic



43) Beach Setup 


We hope you enjoyed all of these cute picnic aesthetic wallpaper for your phone!  Whether you’re planning a picnic yourself or just want a fun background, there’s something in here for you!

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